Wat the illuminati grimoires teach.?

Lately i talk to a guy who say knw Illuminati magicians, he gime a small talk of spells,oney,sex,revenge etc. Tat never fail. But i ask him do tey speak 4,5 languages, yes tey do. From there it was estrange, words, countries, authors, places. And its nice to knew, some of the old guys authors from 60s70sand lates 80s were link to tat. And how if search hard u may find teachings to progress in life. Wen i ask about Egyptian magic he say uts rare, bcse is occult. Then we talk of books, their gromoires are weird to read, words seals, language rare unkow to speak. And some handwriting notes. Not sure if most come from Easter europe. Romany, etc but its old language. If u ever read a grimoire he say u will be confused bcse u need someone to teach you the meaning. And its rare even to seone say tat. The things you find on google.

Sounds like a scammer lol

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Sounds like imaginative scammer,

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I know the feeling…

Could be a scamer but he was not selling anthing i just post in a foreign forum and he pm .and gime a answer to a qrstion. Mind italian. No is my language. From there he pm some weird Hebrew picturws and seals kind damon brand and some demonic stuff., the prays, calls eyc. He claim be versed in afro Brasilian magic Hebrew learned in frances mind hes not either, knw about dijjins too. The pictures look like african man seals but the hebrew was his teachers, stuff… I may pm nxt month.tru he say hw may be in forum sometimes. And he was surprised a guy learning agic in other languages. Wesee.