Wat is a muertero,?

Lately been talking to a guy who claim, hes studying under a lot of peopls iniciated in a few african religions, hes santero, already .but wat exactly is a muertero,?


According to what I just found on Google, it’s the Spanish word for gravedigger. It is also a term used for devotees of Santa Muerte. They are basically the Mexican equivalent to what we would call necromancers, experts in contacting, and dealing with, the dead.


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I thought that was mostly a Mexican thing.

I’m just glad he didn’t mean naurto or however you spell the anime :joy:

Thanks, guys, i never hear tat word bfre tru i hear in mwxico palero santeto macumba or whatever is spelled .


Muertero is someone who prepare the bodies to be seen for the family before the funeral.

That would be a “sepulturero” (at least in a lot Latin American countries)

Religiously speaking, as i found, muertero is like a “cheat” word because they use it for a lor of things, someone use it related to spiritism on Cuba and palería, it could mean that you can communicate with spirits and they protect you. I suggest you maibe reading about Yoruba

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Macumba it’s from Brazil (but it’s been expanded to other south American countries).
It has two paths as i know

  • Quimbanda: more related to black magic. Pomba gira comes from this one.

  • Umbanda: as i understand this one is more related with ancestors and worshipping them (and i guess it would be more closer to a kind of white magic, but i couls be wrong in this)

There’s also candomble more related to gods.

I remember that you could read Spanish, so this is an interesting place that explains a bit about this one


Sadly about muertero i couldn’t find something that gives a more complete explanation because as i said, it’s used to describe a lot of things like a cheat word


Update muertero according to the guy is someone’s who work whit death peopls in graveyard s, such taking bones yo use in magic most santero. Palero etc. Pretty much who dug dead bodies to use such bones, not matter religion but i gess necromancer is close. Now the indianhas a magic too which use death bodies. Thsnks guys.


Most do a deal such take care of u grave and send the essence to a victim. To cause shawdos, terror and get bite by the death… Later u take care of grave and put all bines back. And give a mass in honor to the death. Most are men. And under 50.xause shawdos. Is top secret but send bites bruises i gess u can create tat in deal.,


As i found that’s like the cuban meaning (because it’s also used to a more spiritual meaning in other countries). In general in latin America (mostly the center of the continent), there’s a lot of names according to certain countries that has a similar practice but with different names, mostly for african-christian syncretism during colonial ages