Would any of you know what type of spirit manifest or use Wasps as their signature? They once where my biggest fear and always auditory manifest before me when I took LSA.

Now I no longer fear them, after getting stung by one in the bus. Funny enough, they seem to very much respect me now.

This is one depiction of Beelzebub

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Would you have an idea as to why He would chose to wasps around in my presence🤔

I would reccomend looking into the symbolism of wasps. I felt the need to research scorpions a bit earlier today. They kept popping up at work and at home. Both literally and as imagery


Well it strikes me that you earned your power by facing your fear. Could there be something else that it’s time to face?


That is what is funny. I got stung in the bus by a wasp and my fear was instantly removed from that point and out. It was like I could speak to them and they would listen… if I eat food and they lingered around it I told them to leave, and they did.

Seems like I have too. This whole situation intrigues me very much.

I would love to know what conclusions you draw, if it’s not too personal. I love this aspect of our work with spirits

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I will get back to you as soon as I have gathered a conclusion on what this could be.

Nananana nananna, wasp-man!