Was working great - now he’s in a relationship with someone else!

I was having mega success with NAP and the sigil spell @ngcreativity posted… then it went down a bit, assumed I could get it back on track and was fairly relaxed - Id missed some days doing NAP

Now he’s suddenly got with someone :sob: how do I break them up before they actually hurts him (which I don’t want to do) ? I need fast acting


Well I hate to be that person, but I was once in your shoes. My left me to be with someone else and I was devastated. Desperation is certainly not good energy to add to magick. So before turning to the spirits to bring this person back ask yourself why you want them back. Do you love them or are you just afraid of being alone and you just don’t want anyone else to have them? Sometimes it’s best to do a little introspection before tossing magick at a problem you’re not sure how to solve. Take your time and evaluate the situation. Also think about this: if a repeated ritual is only glue in your foundation, then it’s doomed to fail. Love magick usually doesn’t make/force a person to love you but amplifies emotions that already exist. I recommend trying a ritual to expose their true feelings first so you know where you go from there. I suggest trying the Uncover Honest Feelings ritual in Mystical Words of Power. It works.


Hello InnerGodess,

I can’t really help you unfortunately with magical advice because I am in the same situation and just started to work on it with magic myself…

What do you mean by you got great results? How came that he is with someone else now? :confused:

I just wanted to say, I know how much it hurts and you are not alone!

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He was back. He was so nearly back for good and more then BAM :boom: something happened in his life and he retreated a bit, I was relaxed tho as it was so easy to pull back last time but I never ever expected this… ever! If anything I would have expected him to tell me about liking someone way before actually getting with them!

Wow… that’s tough.
I am so sorry!

I will try to find out more about what you did as I don’t know what „NAP“ is do far. Or could you tell me something about it?

I am trying to get my ex back with Sallos and Dantalion.
I am not sure if I have to break up his new relationship also… but for know I trust the spirits.

Is he still talking to you? How did you find out?

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Just in case he ever identifies me online I won’t put too many details but NAP is new avatar power

Would you consider using another method or what do you want to do now?
Or do you think it’s just a step back before it goes three steps forward?

Who knows. I need to let my emotions settle first probably. I’ve done it before I can do it again.

I would take a breather then tackle it again if that is what you really want. Other people can be scooted out the way.

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Can someone linked me the original post Of NAP? And the sigil spell? I can’t find it anywhere, pleas help

You could use Isa on their sacral chakras. To do this make a poppet or something that can resemble them. Then anchor it, I’d use a strand of their hair to tie it around the poppet. Then carve, etch, or draw the rune over their sacral chakras and give the intention of freezing their sexuality. Lift this rune when they break up.

Another option is to work with spirit to find her a new suitor and use magic to cause her to lust for him. She’ll leave on her own. But this will hurt him.