Was Wondering if anyone Could help me solee this problem

If a black magician attachs you with a demon. How can you turn that demon against him or get it off you. This person gets alerts about everything that im doing how do i get the demon. to work for me or to stop letting him know everything im doing. I cant even meditate anymore cuz when i bring in too much energy in my body the demon freaks out and opens my eyes or posseses me Im sure this sounds like an amature problem but its anoying does anybody have advice.

Some peoplz automatically. Say, lbrp,ir whatever. Pronunce,salth ,baths, i tnk the best way,is to find out wat sistem he using against ya,tat way you get a upercut straight hand, i just found out even enichuan keys words wirk against demons, im amateur tho,

Call Archangel Michael to avenge this magician and have Michael
protect you from him in the future. In my experience this works.

It can be daunting when you hire a magician and pay him to help you
and rather then keeping his word he sends demons to attack you.

This is not an amateur thing and depending on the force applied can be very dangerous. Get into trance and drive the demon out by calling him, you can find his/her name ( although sexless is a theory) later. The entity has attached onto your solar plexus. Once you find out its name ( you can even use quantum fluctuation algorithm software- strange but it works, won’t get into details ) , you either burn it’s sigil if the attacks persist and it won’t obey your commands or you reprogram it for your own purposes.