Was this Lilith and possibly Samael?

For a while now I’ve been drawn to both Lucifer and Lilith, feeling like I’ve been getting signs within my daily life and dreams from Lilith, as if guiding me to her. I have found myself studying them as much as I can, whenever possible, then last night I was doing a ritual to consecrate and charge a few items, I had drawn a sigil a few days prior for Lilith and surrounded it with sketches of her sacred animals etc so decided to consecrate it as a magical tool. Lighting a red candle for Lilith, I said a small prayer I had found on the Internet to honor her adding my own to it, inviting her to come into my life and if possible tell me if i should be on the path she could guide me down. I offered her rose incense, belladonna herbs along with other herbs etc, as soon as the i finished the prayer, I closed my eyes and I felt a presence around me and it filled with happiness. I seen flashes of her sigils, brief glimpses of the face of a beautiful woman, then where the minds eye is it felt as though she pressed her fingers delicately against it and a rush of energy/power rushed into me, leaving my entire forehead tingling, it felt amazing. To me it seemed like she wanted to show me something, the next thing I seen was a muscular man with beautiful angel like wings. After that I was amazed, I felt like she blessed me and I was connected to everything as well as linked to her.

I even asked my Tarot deck “what was Lilith’s presence during the ritual” and I got The Ace Of Chalice, which seemed to clarify that it was her. Anybody else experience something like that there first time with Lilith? Does that sound like it could be her?