Was this astral projection?

Ok, so I don’t know whether I astral projected or dreamed about astral projecting. For reference, I’ve been trying to use The Phase method, an indirect method to Astral Project.

This would be my second attempt between two days. Yesterday, I just completely forgot to try and seperate apun awakening from sleep. It’s not instinctual and I’m usually groggy when I wake up so I’m not as motivated as I should be.

Last night I went to bed as normal, woke up at 5am to let my kitty Coco out and got up briefly myself. Around 5mins later I went back to bed. I woke up again to Coco meowing at my door, he needed access to his litter box and I laid in bed for 5mins trying to ignore him but he kept yowling until I let him in. Now at this point I wasn’t actively trying to AP but I was being lazy and didn’t feel like staying up so I got back in bed and thought I’d just relax until I was ready to get up for the day. Coco was having zoomies and basically was being loud and hyperactive in my bedroom too.

I somehow (?) maybe fell back asleep. I think more accurately I was beginning to get into sleep paralysis. I felt the very familiar grogginess and weak muscle sensation and feeling of being glued to my bed. Like it would take an extreme amount of effort to get up. Like my bed is magnet and my muscles feel to weak. My eyes were closed and I still had awareness of my surroundings since I could still hear Coco being Coco.

For some reason I decided try and move my body. I remembered some of the techniques used to try and seperate and starting imagining my body rolling/spinning in place. Trying to will the sensation of my body actually moving. I was also doing the same for feeling my head move from side to side and my legs moving. My eyes being closed still. I actually felt the movements! But I was still in a groggy half-awake state.

I then got up and idk what was wrong with my vision because I couldn’t see initially (my eyes might have been closed), but I did get up. I walked out of my bedroom and to a mirror to look at myself (seeing at this point). I looked the same but I remember seeing maybe a second me, behind me in the mirror lol? From there I walked outside and it didn’t look the way it’s supposed to look outside (my town). The buildings by my house all looked good but the entire area + sky was filled with this thick fog (?) That had a reddish hue to it. Like it was primarily white/grey but had a slight red hue. That’s when I was back in bed, don’t know if I walked back or something.

The same feeling glued to bed and grogginess came over me again, I also felt two hands (?) touching my face. Don’t know if it was my lady or not. I was aware of Coco in my bedroom again too. I wanted to wake up because I feared sleep paralysis so I decided to hyperventilate myself awake which worked.

I don’t know if this was an actual astral projection or a dream? It wasn’t as vivid as I expected it to be but it does have the signs that seem to correlate with AP. I didn’t experience vibrations though. Just the sleep paralysis (?). So I still have doubts and my memory of it isn’t good either.


I don’t experience either usually. I’ve had sleep paralysis once that I can recall and it was a really long time ago. It was after or at the end of a projection.

Robert Bruce claims sleep paralysis happens when we prematurely wake up from either a lucid dream or an astral projection- like if something startled us. Idk :woman_shrugging:

I also haven’t had in a while the dream inside of a dream or the can’t wake up because I think I am awake and have woken up, only to discover it’s definitely still a dream and try again either.

The closest I’d say I come to vibrations is my energy feeling warm all over my body before I leave.

If the cat is on me, I can still feel it- even when she’s out too.

Your experience sounds like projection to me, not journey, not dreams. Journeys happen almost like I’m seeing through my eyelids and I don’t get the sensation of leaving or returning. It’s just all of a sudden a picture starts then I can get up and move around.

With remote viewing I can pan the image around but I can physically move or see myself at all- it’s like watching a tv screen on my eyelids.

Lucid dreams I wake up me the same way I do normal ones, so for me all varies travel methods are pretty distinct most of the time. Not so much when I’m real tired or not feeling good though.

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I was trying to project while avoiding the sleep paralysis. That seems to happen every time I start trying to astral project. Even the times I started to think about lucid dreaming again, I would get spontaneous sleep paralysis episodes that scared the sht out of me.

I’d like to think the feeling of my face being touched was my lady but I’ve also experienced a creepy ass giant insect chewing at my neck so I don’t take chances by opening my eyes lol.

It’s weird because I thought the astral projection would be vivid. Maybe it’s because I’m new to it? Plus I did initially think I was moving my physical body and didn’t fully realize I wasn’t awake until I saw the fog technically. Like I had a hunch but I had zero expectations of having an AP so soon.

If it helps, I was sleeping on Lilith’s sigil last night and maybe that helped but I didn’t sense her at all. My cat is probably what helped me feel confident, since if I could hear him/be aware he’s around and then sleep paralysis isn’t as scary. Vs being alone.

Just looking back on the experience, I remember it like a dream which is why I doubt it…

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It can be, but I also think it’s like a whole nother set of senses that have to be developed.

The more I use them the more I can do and I’ve heard it mentioned that it’s not uncommon to lack control or even the ability to see at first.

I actually thought everything seemed blurry like I didn’t have my glasses at first. The spirit I was with told me I didn’t need them, but gave me something to help until I could see better.

I remember now having lots of dreams where I couldn’t find my glasses or turn on the lights when I was in my 20s and trying to learn obe.

Like I never realized when I started real in depth practice that I had already partially built up the sense because I had been partially successful and not even freaking realized it because I probably did not have the senses good enough.

Like all of the dreams I couldn’t wake up from had the same kinda blur.

I didn’t I understand it because I am be aphantasic but I have very very vivid dreams.

So food for thought! I don’t profess to know, but I think most of my nightmares during the same time were actually bad experiences.

But it’s a theory and idk. It would explain a lot for me if true however.

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I’m thinking my inability to see at first might have been from the transition of having my eyes closed (on purpose) during the sleep paralysis. I might have like forgotten to open my eyes once I was up from my bed lol.

I think my third eye or whatever you call it is to developed. When I close my eyes, I seem to automatically scry images faintly on my eyelids. Like no control of it, usually random runes or sometimes full images. Kinda like foggy images that are translucent but still visible. That started after I was doing meditation exercises and even though I don’t really meditate much I still get it… So I think that helped for when my eyes did open, to seeing what I did.

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Have you tried directing it? When I do this I’m able to go from seeing random shit to basically remote viewing pretty easily.

Control is a hard thing, but I find the better I control my senses the stronger they are.

It’s like I’m not wasting the energy dedicated to them or something idk.

The better I can access them or ignore them at will though the more I am able to do with it for sure. This much I know. :rofl: The rest meh…

Well if I think of something, that image shows up. During meditations it goes crazy lol but for the most part it’s random. But yeah I can direct it and even get certain things to show up by thinking about them. I’m not sure how I’m getting anything to show up when I do, I just think of something and then usually that’ll start it. But I’ve had demons sigils get scyed randomly or parts of their sigils so I hope I’m not accidentally calling on anyone lol. I’m also wondering if part of it is external (like recieving messages) or all internal (from me, subconscious).

Lately Lucifer’s sigil pops up in my inner vision (behind eye lids) but I don’t intend to work with him so I ignore it (not sure if coming from him). However mostly it’s runes, objects, faces, and scenes (like forests, etc).

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Could be both I suppose. Do you still work with Lilith? That’s about the only thing I can think of, maybe she’s encouraging to branch out or he’s interested because of your interest in her?

I’d try a firm Thanks, but no thanks next time and see if it stops.

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I assumed Lucifer’s energy and mine don’t get along well. I tried to sleep on his sigil once and felt physically ill to where I had to remove his sigil. Never gotten that with Lilith. Also I’m biased against angels lol. So that makes me doubt it’s him.

I still work with Lilith, I got her sigil tattooed so it’s a long term relationship. I see her as like a matron/mother figure. Although I kinda work indirectly at times with her. I know she might have tried to get me to work with Eisheth but I’ve been happy to keep my spiritual interactions with her and my lady. I’m not heavy into spirit work. I kinda chose to interact with them because I feel a familial bond with the two of them. It’s really just trying to live/improve my physical life and keep up my bonds with them. So I’ve been wary to branch out and work with other spirits.

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Makes sense to me :slight_smile:

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