Was this any of you?

Last night I was woken up by an entity in my room. I was so exhausted that I acknowledged it then had a conversation and feel asleep before I could write anything down. It wasn’t anything aggressive or anything malicious, but it had a message from someone I knew.

I forgot what we discussed…(I was REALLY sleepy)

So did any of ya’ll send anything my way or soul travel to see me lastnight?

Maybe some member of the forums is playing (there’s a post about that), I felt these days someone influencing me around also, my friends sent him back home

Well I would hate to think that anyone went through all that effort to find me, try talking to me, then have to deal with me falling asleep on them without remembering a thing about it.

Do you have a link to that post?

Not here. When I can travel I’ll be sure to stop by sometime though lol.

Oh we will raise all sorts of Bell when that happens :slight_smile:


there you are :wink:

…Hell not bell… Goddamn it autocorrect I am tired of your ducking shirt…

Also I am withholding a description of what visited me last night cause if someone claims it I want them to discribe it so I can see if they are full of it or not.