Was this an OBE?

Yesterday I decided to take a nap in the afternoon. The house had a bit of commotion probably keeping part of me awake. I remember falling asleep then waking up and unable to move in sleep paralysis. I tried to move and talk to see if I was really paralyzed. I started to notice that I was also in the hypnogagic stage as well. My body felt as though I was being violently shaken. I heard odd noises that made no sense to me and it would be difficult for me to describe.

I realized that these were the perfect conditions to astral project so I tried to roll myself out of bed. This only got me so far so I tried to pull myself out of bed with a rope. Aftert hat failed I pushed my projected body into my bed when that stopped I kicked my legs up and attempted to do a backflip. Right after making a full completion I popped out right next to my head in an ultrabright room and I felt completely consious and calm.

I walked/flew throughout my house and saw members of my family in states that seemed natural to me. I then went outside and started to fly. Eventually everything went dark and I fell asleep. I also experienced a dual consiousness and was able to feel my body sleeping in bed while traveling around. I also remember seeing myself in a mirror and being able to go through walls.

I realize all signs point to it being an OBE but I’m wondering if it could just be an extremely accurate lucid dream? It seemed really easy. The hard part was being in the correct stage of sleep.