Was this a spirit/entity or just sleep paralysis hallucinations?

So I had an episode of sleep paralysis this morning, before actually waking up. Fortunately it was very brief.

I “woke up” and of course couldn’t move in bed but I noticed there was a woman (?) on top of me. She had really long black hair and it was partly covering her face, and her face was also like really shadowy/dark so I couldn’t actually see her face. She had her hand on my throat! She wasn’t choking me but her hand was on my throat nevertheless. She also shifted her appearance a bit to something well not completely dress appropriate which was weird. Before anything else happened, I actually woke up.

This was very bizarre. Idk if she was threatening me or not because of her hand being around my throat since she wasn’t choking me but then again it still was weird. She was super quiet and didn’t say anything, was just lying on top of me…her skin was also like super pale, like almost greyish/white in color. It was also weird that I couldn’t see her face despite her being litterly right on top of me - so I should’ve been able to see her face as she was facing me too (her face was) but her hair was drooped over me and her face was like to shadowy to see. None of the rest of her was shadowy.

Any thoughts on what this might have been? Besides creepy…

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Sounds like a mild hag attack. They can be a lot worse.



What’s your guess on what’s behind the old hag thing? That website seems to give a general overview of it without any possible explanation on what could be behind it, besides the psychological or physiological explanation briefly given.

It did mention it being some sort of vampiriric spirit? The woman I saw didn’t look hideous or anything, although I didn’t see her face…

Is it something that sticks around or a one time attack and leave me alone situation?

It looked kinda like this:
Especially with how the hair was covering the face. The skin wasn’t exactly like that tho. It was just a pale grey, not like deformed or anything. And wasn’t wearing a dress. But the hair is spot on.

Also I didn’t feel drained.

My feeling is it’s a random parasite, and the hag and throat thing is conscious mind’s interpretation of what’s going on energetically. This kind of parasite seems to be feeding from the heart and throat energy centers.

This is from centuries before vampires were invented, they’re a fiction based on a different phenomenon, so that wouldn’t be appropriate. Not all energy workers who can drain, or energy feeders are “vampiric”.

If I recall, it can be both. I would banish and check your wards and set up some if you haven’t got any. Randoms like this shouldn’t really be allowed past your wards to even get into your place.


So it doesn’t really look like a woman then? That’s just how my mind was seeing it? Any idea what they actually look like? Or are our minds not able to comprehend that or something.

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I don’t think we know. To everyone they appear to look like a woman who comes across as at least old, creepy/scary or edgy in some way.

If feeding on fear or heart energy they would want to scare you and get the heart pumping. Why they appear female I’m not sure. Maybe they’re the ghosts of women? I never met one to get a good look at it.

It’s what I call a “lesser entity” so it’s Earthbound and not something we couldn’t figure out. We’re cool with tardigrades and octopi and I think it’s more likely to simply be a bundle of energy.


I always imagine a bundle of energy to look like this:

Not some creepy women looking entity :joy: I would imagine that they use our own minds projection (based off fear) to look the way they do? I mean when you say a lesser entity, it makes me think they can’t be that intelligent…


I’m more inclined to think it’s not deliberate on their part. Our own conscious mind evolved identifying and naming things fast, and the subconscious doesn’t do nouns but only impressions. So we get an impression through the left brain, and the right brain makes up what it is reminded of.

My guess is you didn’t see a very ugly scary creature because you’re not afraid of entities.


Basically, a “hag attack” is thought to be a witch who leaves her body at night to cause distress by sitting on the chest of a sleeper to interrupt their breathing. The Old English word mare, from which we get the word nightmare, was believed to be a woman who was damned, and cursed to wander while asleep to bring bad dreams to others. In some cases, a mare was thought to be similar to a succubus or incubus and fed on the breath, which was the reason for the feeling of suffocation during sleep paralysis (this is also a superstition in regards to cats, which like to sit on the chest of a sleeper and have been believed to steal the breath of children).

In most places, the phenomena is generally interpreted according to the local culture. For example, in Muslim countries, it’s believed to be caused by a jinn, and in some Asian countries, it’s thought to be either a ghost or demon.