Was this a random dream/nighmare or does it mean something?

So I had a nightmare a few nights ago (I had slept with Belial’s sigil under my pillow for two nights and felt nothing so it was the night I removed his sigil). Here are my dreams:

In my dream, I was laying (or sitting) in bed, not asleep but alone (husband was in a different room with our pets). I felt a prickly sensation, and all of a sudden my whole body felt like it was being seized (or almost electrocuted). I felt like a force was holding me down (at one time I was leaning off the bed but being held in place. I also felt like I was being choked—I was trying to speak, to call for help or scream, but nothing would come out. Somehow, I managed to drag myself across the floor and leave the room. I went and found my husband and was freaking out, letting him know what just happened. He got creeped out, and him and the animals were acting like they could see something sinister in the shadowy darkness of our closet. I looked but for the life of me, I couldn’t see anything. I maybe saw some movement, some dark energy, but not too much. Husband also started looking out the window, which was closed (even though the curtains were billowing as if there were wind). There was a tree outside, and he was watching it closely. I looked too but still couldn’t really see anything, except maybe for a dark shadowy movement from branch to branch. My husband started shaking and had trouble speaking—it was as if he were seized as well. I started to try to banish the entity, attempting to call out in God’s name for it to leave, but I found it hard to say the words. My hand and foot starting burning up, almost as if they were being burnt, injured, or frozen (the color turned a reddish purple) My hand had bite marks over it. I tried running from the house, and kept being held in place and electrified (almost) until I left…The dream gets weird here, I get separated from husband and he showed up a little while later with a group of people that I guess were there to cleanse the place/rid the entity. They were saying some mythical fantasy nonsense about how “Grognak” lol or something is here and we must banish him or something like that

In dream number #2, all I can really remember is that some elements were pulled over from dream #1, so the entity was there but there wasn’t really the fear element, as far as I can tell. I was curious about the entity, so I asked him who he was. This is where it gets sort of weird and confusing. The entity seemed to be talking through both me, my husband, and around me. I heard his voice externally and internally. It, “HE,” said, “I am the one you refer to as Belial.” I then woke up. I might have made myself have this dream though, because after the first, I wondered if the nightmare was from the whole sigil thing.


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I got a malicious spirit that lives in my house that sounds just like that! It is no deity! I am not sure what it is… but it’s gonna take a lot to remove it! I suggest a binding! But I also suggest while living there to burn white sage in every room of the house and use a singing bowl in every room of the house as well carrying Shungite on your self and those you care about! Shungite can be charged with your own energy(gold) or the sun and can be cleansed with white sage, the earth or you’re own energy(white) if you can’t do any of these things… then maybe contact a demon?… I can’t really recommend that since I don’t really work with them but… I heard Agaures is good for that sort of thing…

Feeling held down by an unknown force that starts choking you. You feel trapped in your situation and you feel powerless to solve your problems.

Seeing dark shadows in your dream are the aspects of yourself you do not like or cannot convey. The shadow and energy takes on an ominous and scary element by attacking you physically. You are trying to change yourself by attacking and banishing your bad habits or things you don’t like about yourself.

You are introverted and are trying to hide to escape your problems but your husband and friends keep coming back to help you solve your problems which you are still battling against.

Belial is the deity responding with the visions about who you are using symbols and metaphors to help you understand what you are trying to accomplish.

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Wha?!… ah well that interesting perspective… to add onto top of that if the dream was super surreal, realistic and you felt true terror… then it’s probably a psychic attack… if not… maybe that other guy’s onto something?… I dunno…

Yeah I have also had tons of dreams like that, eventually i managed to get to a point where I can do the banishing in the dreams and they’d run away so fast. sometimes it’s low level spirits and the things they say and do always sound super dumb in hindsight since i think they’re just trying to scare you and feed off of it, but I remember having particularly intense ones like that with King Paimon under my pillow and it was to make me practice and have more confidence. Maybe it’s Belial sending a message like that if you’re working on growing your power?