Was there a spirit/demon in my room?

So I’m pretty new here and have introduced myself quite recently, I’ve been reading a lot of threads and gathering a lot of knowledge from both this forum and other websites, I’ve been looking at sigils and how to invoke spirits etc

Anyways, I’m at home only with my dad as the rest of my family are on holiday. About 2 hours ago my dad said hes going to go out for a walk and go to the shops.

As soon as my dad left I was looking at a thread on reddit about Lord Pan. Suddenly I felt the air around me change and it felt very dark. I felt a weird sensation like a twitch or almost shudder in the centre of my brain (like where the skull would meet the spine), my heart was beating pretty fast (adrenaline probably), I had goosebumps and the hairs on my body were standing. I quickly grabbed my phone, house keys and airpods, put on my shoes and left. I felt much better outside so I went for a quick walk until my dad got back. I’m back now and feel much better.

What do you guys think could’ve happened? I have had an anxiety attack before btw so I know it wasn’t that, my breathing pattern was normal. I feel like maybe all of this reading and studying but not acting on it is like angering the spirits/demons around me?

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Great Pan is working with the magical Elite the best way to invoke him is through the Star Ruby ritual and in the middle of the ritual than the prayer to Pan from Crowley