Was that an evocation?

Well, today I tried to make an evocation. I’m trying to work with Paralda, aiming for studies. I used the seven-step method E.A. describes on its website. I did not have the impression of sigil being in 3D, but my vision got a bit dark, some of the sigil disappeared, but soon it came back, and for a moment the sigil was as static as it happens in TV’s.
I felt at some point something watching me. I said, “Paralda, I conjure you, come,” nothing extraordinary has happened, something that I understand since my perception of spirits is still beginning. I spoke my reason for calling and closed the evocation.
In the face of your experience, did Paralda really come and listen to me?


Most likely, its very uncommon for an entity not to show up, just keep evoking Paralda and build up the repritoire.