Was Satan pissed off?

Hello guys I hope you are all doing well and healthy. Please bear my English, it is not my first language.

So guys two weeks ago I was meditating, I got into trance while chanting Ha shaitan ha shedim, i hear deep and intimidating voice asking me to open the sigil and to give an offering of something like a crocodile skin belt ( I did not hear nicely what he was talking about) I got a little bit scared and opened my eyes.

Throughout the past week I have been chanting 108 times some psalms verses and calling The Archangel Michael ( not because I was scared of the experience I had but because I wanted to find out what the God from the bible can do for me).

The day before yesterday I was looking for some answers to personal matters in a library in the astral realm with my two dogs. suddenly a red dragon came and it was completely dark, the darkness erased all the light. I don’t know but My two dogs protected me and the dragon was chained but it freed himself, I wanted to wake up to run away from him, he said you won’t open your eyes, your moon is not going to save you from me. I ran a little bit then finally I opened with difficulty.

I was thinking maybe It was Satan who was pissed off because i started worshipping God and Michael…?

I’s not a good idea to take dreams literally. They are usually symbolic and are a mix of you thinking about recent experience to understand it, plus problem solving, plus wish fulfillment, and worries.

This one sounds like you have unresolved worry about working with entities that religions have told you hate each other.
In my opinion, “Satan” isn’t one thing, or even a real entity, it’s an idea, an egregoric thing created by humans, and has many, many versions that manifest differently depending on your expectations.

I think it’s possible you manifested a fear here, or one of these egregores that behaves as it’s been programmed to that exists to enforce this dogmatic fear. I don’t think it really cares, and is dismissable, there are people here who work with “Satan” and “angels” and have no issue.

“Shaitan”, if that’s what you meant, is something else. I don’t know much about that version.

A good path from here, is to find out what the elements in the dream represent for you.
Why is the dragon red? Why a dragon? Why two dogs? What does it mean that it was chained and freed, is this you thinking about the story of Azazel? What does the moon represent? Why do you need saving… from what? Why can’t you stand up and save yourself?

Things like that :slight_smile: But drams are very personal you have to analyse this for yourself.


Indeed these are really good questions I must ask and investigate. Your reply is so helpful thank you !!

I was using guided meditation I used to call my dogs to protect me, when i need to go deep down in my mind for answers. I think the moon represent the mother, i read a lot of astrology and there is another dream that a woman in a Red dress wanted to take me away from my mother. Now the red dragon and also I dreamt of Azazel giving me the mantra ‘Shamaya’ to protect myself, it was written in Red. So I guess I need to find the Answers by myself

But I dont know, there is a time i was looking for a way of calculating a financial ratio, I imagined in my dream that the answer was in a book, I opened it i was the formula, I woke up, I used the formula, got the right answer but my lecture told me it wasn’t the right formula but was surprised how I got to the right answer


Very cool dream! :smiley:

It sounds like there’s messages coming through and these dreams might be on the same subject. It;s also true that entities can send us messages in dreams. The comparison of the two could give more information by showing up what’s important by repetition.

You have two sides, one yang, (large, red, aggressive, masculine), and one yin (female, moon, mother, protective) and the sense that you’re not exploring the yang because of the yin? Something like that… if you cut it down to descriptions only sometimes the meaning becomes clearer. :slight_smile:


Very interesting, Yeaah It might be that cause I am passive, not aggressive and very caring guy in nature. Maybe I should be more assertive and dynamic.

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