Was it the true God itself?

Hello everyone,

Last night was awfull, I got a big headache. Early in the morning, I still had this headache and I woke up in a trance state. I was surround by the light of the sun (my shutter was closed and it was supposed to be dark in my room). Then I started to recite a prayer to God itself, creator of all things, to ask him to release me from the pain of the headache. The thing is I had the feel that something else was talking through me. I wasn’t very conscious of myself. When I finished the prayer, a heat invaded me and then the headache was gone.


I think it was, God is usually very responsive to the doubting and the straying.

Jesus said that he was a good shepherd and he would leave the 99 sheep to go after the 1 sheep that strayed from the path. To bring it back to the fold.


I’ve tidied this up, it got a bit derailed earlier by someone who felt the need to preach, berate, and insult a member who happens to believe differently than they do.

This forum has people from all kinds of backgrounds and belief structures, and going for the kill when you spot someone you disagree with is not permitted.


Hear, hear.

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Thank you, things were getting out of controle.

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Thank you for your answer. I do believe in Jesus, but not as my savior nor the God above all. I don’t reject the idea that was him. He appeared to me in a vision once


emperor palpatine meeting jesus, damn thats hilarious :joy:

in all seriousness, care to share your experience with him or is it too personal?

Indeed that’s hilarious xD

Nothing too personal, it happened 6 years ago. My family in mother’s side is very christian. My little niece claimed that Jesus appeared to her in dreams and took her on the other side many times to show her beautiful land. (My niece was probably astral projecting). All my family was like “Amen !!”. I told them “that’s not fair, why she can see him and not me ?”. I wasn’t serious, that was just to see what they would tell. The next afternoon, I was in my room watching a movie, then I sat on my bed and everything went dark around me. I got up, and started to walk a little in this darkness place. Then a light appeared in front of me, and Jesus came out of this light. He held out his arms to me and went back to the light, then I was in my room again