Was it the LoA?

today I was going out to eat and drink with a friend. In my opinion drinks are expensive so a few days ago I was thinking that I didn’t want to pay for my drinks, I wanted somebody else to do it instead. Wasn’t really thinking anything about it much, just a thought that it would be nice if someone paid for them and some guy did pay for one of my drinks.

Was it magic? LoA? Or just a coincidence? I guess we’ll never know

Something tells me he didn’t get your number which means it probably wasn’t so magickal for him. xD lol

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LoA because what you asked was easy , such as, you want to drink a coffee, then you go and make it yourself in your kitchen

you wanted a free drink and that’s fine, i do that all the time for the lunch meal, i never pay, guys do that


Well he was too old for me. It wasn’t like that at all tbh, no flirting. Just a man buying me a drink out of nowhere

I’ve never in my life had a random man buy me something just for the fun of it. So yeah I think it was LoA too.
I guess it happened so fast because I did forget about ”what I wanted” and didn’t care about it at all. That’s why LoA is so hard when you really want something and can’t wait to have it so you lust for the results which makes the LoA works so much slower. Sucks that the things that you don’t really care about that much works so much faster than the things you really really want

Perhaps it was indeed the universe bending to your call! :wink:

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Well should’ve stated that I wanted a handsome guy in my age to buy me a drink instead but hey, atleast I got a free drink😛

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Be grateful you got a drink that wasn’t spiked. You know that there are LOA fora where they discuss this topic at greater depth.


Yeah of course I’m grateful for that