Was it sex magic?

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I had sex with a guy a couple of years ago. He didn’t let me have an orgasm. He also stop couple of seconds before he orgasms. Then he left me in bed. As he stood up from the bed
I felt like a big chunk of my energy was gone. I felt pain. It wasn’t emotional pain but I felt pain. I can’t describe it otherwise. Like a punch all over my body.
So I was wondering, what did this guy do to me and why did he not allow me to orgasm?
Sorry about my bad English.

It almost sounds like he was edgeing.

Edgeing is where you get right to the point of an orgasm to get into a state of gnosis. Although im not sure why he wouldnt have let you have an orgasm if he was trying to drain you, it’s much easier if the target has that release.

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Sounds like it was less about energy theft and more about control and imprisonment. Personally I’d get as far away from that fucker as humanly possible.


Can you give more info please? It sounds interesting what you say.
Do you mean that he was doing a technique to make me obsessively desire him?

Im not sure if that’s exactly whats going on but I get a bad feeling about it. Most guys i know would want their partner to climax and really was to blow a load themselves

Strategy in the attack was what he used, the purpose was not the energy exchange! he didn’t want it, if you had reached climax you would have expanded your density or energetic charge and because he was inside you, that load would have assimilated it, and that was not what he wanted, or it was not his purpose of foundation, , upon entering you, he sowed you his energetic load for a future, that is, if he wants to possess you again, go obsessively to him without putting you back and if he ejaculated inside lighter, the purpose was to drain your vital energetic essence for that reason the pain meaning, even more this practice is not given to the first one successfully it has to be given more times to dry yourself in life, just as you read it!

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Wow that makes lots of sense.
Do you know the name of what is called what he did? I want to search what he is into.

No he did all he could so he would not. We met twice and we had sex. He didn’t want to ejaculate the first time. And he didn’t want to ejaculate the second time.
On oral sex he ejaculated but he didn’t want to. He also didn’t want me either to have pleasure.
It is really strange I agree with you this is why I wanted some opinions. It has never happened to me before.

Do not look for 5 paws for the cat, because it only has 4!
Nothing can be done against the truth if not for the truth, as I mentioned in the last writing, what the individual used was a strategy to achieve his purpose, the most unfortunate thing is that he will have to fight to get you out and not have a rabbit Indian, to feed you will not spend much time that you will receive an invoice in 3 areas: Physical / body, mental / cognitive, and emotional / subconscious … completely vampirized so to speak!Vampiro

What was the name though of the strategy? I am only asking for research/educational purposes to know for the future in case I meet someone else who tries to do the same.