Was it demons help or just coincidence? How do you know

So being fairly new to actually working with demons I’m sure this is somthing we all have considered when we feel we have some success. Here is my example, I contacted Bune and asked to aid me financially, literally the next day someone contacted me on something I had for sale on Facebook and wanted to purchase it. Now my ad was there for little over year, actually forgot about it and only had one inquiry the whole time. So like I said the following day after contacting Bune a lady contacted me and purchased it without even trying to negotiate on price, that evening had cash in hand. So, my thoughts turn to, was this divine help from Bune or coincidence? Or is it there is no coincidence?
I personally took this as Bune helping me and thanked him as such, but it still crossed my mind, was it just coincidence and also, what do you guys determine to me actually intervention on the part of the spirit you contacted.
If you asked for money and say your EI claim gets deposited in your account, would you consider that help or not? I mean it would have been deposited regardless, so how do we determine actual help from the spirits.
Just something been thinking about as starting to work with these spirits.

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I look at it this way…

Once is an accident, twice is coincidence, three times is a pattern.

If such things keep happening every time you ask a spirit for something, then your mind starts going “Hmmm…”

Magick generally works through regular pathways to bring its results. That’s why when asking for money, for example, it’s always best to have a way for the money to come to you., whether its a job or friends, or whatever. It doesn’t mean the money will necessarily come through that way, but it increases the chances of success.

From my own life:

I opened the seal of Sal’a’sash from the Book of Azazel. Two days later, after a conversation with a friend, he sent me two hundred dollars electronically. Was it the spirit? It’s possible it could have happened anyway once my friend found out about my need, but I’d say the chances were probably less than 50/50.

Another time, I could not pay my rent so I opened the SEGOR square of Abramelin. Three days later, a member of the theatre group I was performing with showed up at my door with the exact amount of money I needed. Again, was it the spirit? It is possible this person would have given me the money anyway once I mentioned my situation, but realistically the chances of that were quite low, probably less than 10%. Plus, who expects someone who is not a close friend to give you $650? I sure didn’t.

Lastly, I was low on money, so I asked Belial to help me bring me some. Less than 24 hours later, I received a deposit into my account. Now, this money was expected. However, it arrived a week earlier than it was supposed to. Coincidence or Belial? The probability is most likely somewhere less than 50% that it would have happened by chance so I place it firmly in the Belial column.


It’s certainly a look at each situation type thing and way the percentages game. But I agree if your receiving help on a regular basis from the spirits then you have to take that into consideration.
If I asked the spirits for help and I got it then I thank them regardless weather could be a " well i knew was getting it anyway" situation.
There are things that happen that could have stopped that payment from coming to you and I like to think the spirit helped even my making that path for the money to me clear of any obstructions.
It’s interesting to hear people’s stories as to how they were helped, specially the financial ones. We all know the finding a briefcase with a million dollars, prob is not gonna happen haha.
Thanks for the reply man :metal: