Was I successfull with Lucifer?

Hi I have no idea if it failed or if I succeeded at this evocation first I drew lucifers sigil after that I began chanting "Alash Tad Al-ash Tal Ashtu Lucifer multiple times till the sigil started to glow it glowed two times before I stated what I wanted I told him I wanted him to teach me the ways of astral projection and to mentor me I also asked him to guide me on my spiritual and magical ascent and I asked him to help me with my finances after that I dismissed him I didn’t ask for a sign but it seemed like he was there my grimiore was shaking an I wasn’t touching it and it was only me in the room and another thing is the room turned from a bright sunny color to a dark blue color I didn’t get any answer from him though what did I do wrong? Did I succeed or fail


I can definitely say you had some success. Wait for signs (he may send them anyways) and manifestations of what you asked for.


You were definitely successful. Congratulations!