Was I Possessed By King Paimon's Familiar Spirit?

Hey Guys,

This morning I was watching a video by D. H. Thorne ( Shadownomicon) about King Paimon bringing him a familiar spirit named Unta, I believe. While he was anchoring the spirit to a statute, I fell into a trance like state from the binuaral beats and singing bowl you could hear in the background.
I had just that morning given an offering to the King so his sigil was on my altar along with the wine and candle offering.
Suddenly, I felt like something else was within me and I was told to " drink the wine." I took it in my hands and began chanting in a strange language. I drank part of the wine, then took my right hand and pushed my energy into KP’ s sigil while, again, chanting strange words.
After, I was told to listen to Pop/ Rock Music and in doing this I returned to my normal self. I didn’t even watch the rest of the video and everything that happened seemed like a dream.
Never had an experience like this before and just wondered what some of you who have might be able to make of this experience.

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