Was I Almost Attacked?

It began as I started to fall asleep, I could feel myself slipping into a state that reminded me of Sleep Paralysis. Soon enough I was in a room that looked similar to mine with this girl in front of me. She had Brunette hair and Blueish-Grey eyes. She ran up to me claiming to have just broken up with my brother and she wanted me to comfort her.

She placed her hands on my shoulders and started to kiss me, but not with deep, meaningful kisses. Instead they were light pecks on the lips. We began to move around the room and as time went by her appearance began to change. Her skin became more pale, her limbs stretched out to almost double their length, her smile turned into a wide grin that revealed her teeth and gums. Her gums were a grayish-black and almost twice the length of normal ones, her teeth were long, sharp and pointy.

Each time she was about to peck-kiss me she would stretch her head farther and farther back before coming in for the “kiss”. Her neck ended up becoming about the length of her stretched limbs, so about 5-6 times the normal length of a neck. Soon enough I felt like I was being mounted by a four-limbed spider while standing upright with her body pressed against me, her hands still on my shoulders and her limbs stretching out as far as they did.

I eventually placed my hands gently on her shoulders in a motion for her to stop what she was doing. As I did this most of her body returned to normal except her gums and teeth which were still visible as her expression changed from a grin to a confused look. I began to politely decline her by saying “Look, I’m not going to fight you on this, if you really want to do this then I will, but I don’t think we should because…” As I continued my explanation of why it wasn’t a good idea to do this since she had “just broken up with my brother” (not to mention the appearance she was taking) she looked at me with this “WTF?” expression on her face and her eye twitched. She slowly disappeared before I could even finish my sentence.
Next thing I knew I was alone in that room that looked similar to mine and I could feel myself returning to my sleeping body.

Although I haven’t mastered the art of Astral Projection, I have AP’d accidentally and I’ve had a very different, but somewhat similar experience with what I believe was a Succubus in the past. (This experience was only similar in the fact that I was in a space that was not my room and she disappeared later before we did anything.) So I know this wasn’t a dream. Wtf was it that approached me this time around?

I haven’t the vaguest idea what to make of this. @Lady_Eva, do you have any suggestions with your vast array of knowledge and contacts on this forum?