Was given a mantra In Arabic And I don't Speak Arabic I Translated It

Just had a awesome soul travel experience with entering the temple of ascended masters I met Gandhi he gave me a mantra to use to pull myself to the temple instantaneously in soul travel.

Mantra to vibrate to be drawn to the temple of the masters.


This mantra takes you to this amazing temple the actual word Alkah when I translated it is Arabic and it means delivered.

Like I will be delivered to masters.

Meen translates to Arabic too مين

It’s translation is falsehood, lie and untruth.

So the mantra to elevate me to the temple of these ascended masters translates as.

“Delivered From Untruth”
“Delivered From Falsehood”
“Delivered From Lie”.

The reason I believe this mantra is so important is because the lie/Untruth/falsehood to me is the physical world.

It is the illusion, I’m trying to tare away and peeling back the illusion using this mantra takes me to the temple of the masters.

This is insane I don’t speak Arabic at all yet, I just gained this from soul travel, I love these moments.

Just spoke to someone who speaks Arabic they told me the correct translation is.

“Who I’ll meet”.

Vibrating that with the intention of meeting the masters is great synergy.


Did you meet any dieties at the temple?

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Ghandi spoke Hindi and he wasn’t as wonderful as everyone thought he was.


I know he spoke Hindi, didn’t say he didn’t and I never claimed he was

Next time you meet him, tell him that he is an Asshole and his stupidity not only killed millions but is the main cause of plight of a Billion people, even till this day.


I was impressed with your posts till now but I’m having second thoughts on your content. How can a guy like Gandhi be an ascended master?

Unless some entity is trying to fool you by coming in that old geezer’s garbs.


To give you a little understanding of the ascended masters, their emanations of the eternal and the ones there are the followers of Master Suhnam.

The ascended master who I engaged with took the form of Gandhi, that doesn’t mean that is the dis-incarnate spirit of Gandhi.

These masters come In various forms like Krishna, Jesus, Gandhi.

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In the temple of ascended masters their all mostly emanations of personal divinity, striving to teach the travelling soul the same divinity.

Do I know why this master appeared In this form, well no.

That is of their own doing.

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However in this temple some of them are true emanations of actual masters, like Master Suhnam, Master Raj and Master Ketar.

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I can understand masters coming as Krishna or Jesus as they are mythic forces even time can’t brush away but I doubt the veracity of the master who would come as Gandhi of all the mortals.

I think this master is humourous in a weird way.

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By master Raj U mean Baba Maharaja, Who was E.A’s first teacher?


Indeed I do

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Even Individuals who have reached ascent through the soul planes, a essence of them dwell there in that temple as a master.


you met Gandhi? You mean you met mahathma Gandhi i mean did u say that you met the one Mr Mohan-Dass-Karamchand-Gandhi ((( popularly called as Mahathma Gandhi?))))

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oh my EA. I politely appeal to u because Krishna and Jesus are different. Vishnu is Krishna. That is not master or ascended master he is god in hinduism. Whereas Gandhi? He not even a saint but a politician and an ordinary human being who do not qualify the status of being “ascended master”…Btw may i also further politely ask you what made u think Gandhi (((( a politician))))) as an ascended master?


Kleem means casual physical body and gross body in total transcending greater heights of spiritual consciousness.

Used moreso in Hindu mantras / chants. :slight_smile:

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OM AIM HREEM KLEEM CHAMUNDAYE VICHCHE — example of a Hindu chant with Kleem.

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Edit: never mind what I said, you said ‘meen’, not ‘kleem’. Anyhow , good sense of info I put in anyway and also a valueable mantra.

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