Warrior's Code

Does enybody know all the rules i have difficulties to find the original’s trying to live by them to satisfy god’s to get “closer” to them.

There is no “accepted norm” for this. The first question to answer is “What is in your heart?” The very essence of the warrior is to first know what it is you battle for. The Gods will see right through you; what you understand of yourself is profound.

Hey Ulfhednar,
Hopefully this helps. Try not to think of them as rules. Think of them more like guide lines. Or t least rules that should be questioned. Something that works amazingly for one person may not work as well for you. I come from a Christian upbringing as a lot of people here do and challenging what I’ve been told for so long is what led me to the occult. Not that anyone’s beliefs are wrong, but they weren’t really working for me. Follow your intuition. Look up how others perform rituals and spells and see how they may work better for you. You can try doing the same thing everyone else is doing, but I’ve found that the magic is much stronger when you make it personal. For example, if someone is using a green candle and a specific mantra for a healing spell. You can follow exactly what the person is doing and still have amazing results. But if somewhere along the line you think to yourself “Man, this would be a lot more powerful with a white candle and a bit of blood”, just go with it. Trust yourself. I’d say to keep researching rituals and spells. It’ll give you a good idea and very valuable insight, but try to make it your own. You can find a lot of useful spells on Youtube and some online texts ( try The Golden Dawn website under the Library tab, there are a lot of useful books there). That’s where I got my start honestly. Asbjorn Torvol, E.A. Koetting, and the Golden Dawn, and many others on Youtube have wonderful examples of rituals. I use a lot of them as templates for my own rituals. I’ve even taken to using E.A.'s Universal Circle. But like everything, these aren’t set in stone. You could just as easily and effectively make a circle out of rocks or sticks. These things are just tools and probably not as necessary as people believe. The power is within you, not these objects ( though they can be VERY powerful tools). Try this, go into the forest and make a circle with what you find there. Improvise the ritual but have an idea in mind of what you want to achieve beforehand. As far as offerings go, you could use tobacco, beer, blood, food. Really anything you have to offer. The gods will be pleased either way. Try taking a minimalist approach to your rituals. Remember that words carry weight. The Havamal says “Speak needful words or be silent”. So when coming up with a spell, keep that in mind. Stay focused on the topic, the goal. I tend to improvise most of my rituals with this method and it’s worked great for me. But as I said before, make it your own. I hope this has been helpful and I wish you success.