Warrior Anti Weakness Journal

Its been another night of non sleep, and having my mind messed with, as it stands currently, im at a low point, so…I am making this Journal, for me to write down whenever i feel like giving up.

i can make it. I have to.

couldnt sleep tonight, my mind got messed with, parasites probably, I let my guides down, i hurt myself.

Tomorrow will be better, and i will come back to here if i feel i need to.

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I don’t believe you let anybody down , if your guides truly are guiding you , they’d help you to try again and again. I can make recommendations of fixing the parasite problem , proven methods .

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update, time distortion, intrusive thoughts, and did not sleep, fought parasites, fighting hypnotic suggestions, any being that can help with mind as suggestion is appreciated

hey thanks for responding, what reccomendations?

While intrusive thoughts can be exhausting, it is sometimes better to simply accept their existence, than fighting them. Attention will make them stronger.
“it’s just a thought, it’s there, it’s not my fault, now let’s move on.”


you are right Helena :slight_smile: in my case however, its like bombardment and can get…bad.

Just don’t feel guilty for having them ok? :smiley: cause that will make stuff worse.
When I was 10 I was dealing with really bad, let’s say “unwanted thoughts and voices”. When they came, I always told myself "Go away now. " in a calm way. This evolved into a magic phrase and worked better and better.
When you let them stress you out, they will not go away.

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you always know what to say Helena :slight_smile:

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Although, I now remember:
Later the voices would only go away for a short period of time, coming back because I only banished them for “now”.
So I changed my words and told them to “Go away forever.” :sweat_smile:

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:slight_smile: And forever it shall be!

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If you feel like giving up, think about what the Archangel Michael told me about you last September. :relieved:

Oh I remember, it never left my mind, :slight_smile:

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The only way to deal with parasites fear mongering tactics is to deal with it from a higher frequency which is love , and that love channeled through yourself and angels to remove them , as above so below