Warrior angels all in gold

I invoked the the archangels i saw them with my astral eyes but it where not them they where all gold i asked them if they where the archangels no we know them but we are not. we are close to the divine.
i saw that the weather outside changed and it started to rain and thunder.
that its our presence it change the weather.
who are you?
we are the one that protect the realms against darkness that hide everywhere
we are with nine but we are strong and close to the divine only the one that are strong enough with magick can be in our presence without that our power destroys you first your soul and then your body. i dont get it are you the gatekeepers?
one laughed no we are the angelic peace keepers.they showed there wings they where white with a little color.
what mean the colors?it,s associated with our magick
How do you destroy darkness?
One showed his sword it changed and around the sword it was blue.
What you see it’s the flames of the divine around the sword.
We have all a sword like this its pure and full of light.
No evil can survive when the sword touch them.they burn down till they are gone.


There’s more archangel the. The 7. Each archangel leaders legions of archangel class of angels. archangels after all are the warriors. You just got the main archangels higher up in command to come to you. They could also be watchers. Now all watchers fell. But the way you describe them they are archangels from the legions.


I can not write when I wake up.

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What do you mean?

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I just read this and was like oh all the typos.

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