WARNING! Graphic scarification photo posted

Here’s a photo of the scarification done one week later. The large black patches are scabs of dried blood. I tried to remove them but began to bleed profusely again and decided to keep the scabs right were they developed. Having medical training in first aid and a lot of experience in preventing and arresting infections really helped in this case.

While I don’t regret having the scarification done, it did help me to realize my physical and psychological limits. Due to its size and complexity, it took the scarification artist about three continuous hours of slicing and skin peeling. I could manage the pain of the procedure with out any difficulty. However, the scarification artist as well as myself was a bit concerned about the blood loss. During the scarification process, to manage the pain I was meditating deeply. However, after three hours of cutting and meditating, I started to feel a little tired and sleepy. I was little worried because feelings of fatigue and sleepiness are also associated with severe blood loss. I continued to ask myself, was I feeling sleepy because I was meditating so long, or was the sleepiness due to significant blood loss.

Whatever the ever the case might have been, I am happy to say that I am healing well. There is absolutely no sign of infection! I am also very happy to report that I can definitely feel Lucifer’s influence in my life now. He is incredibly warm and fatherly to me. I am eternally grateful.

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By the way, I must publicly thank Ben Qayin for his assistance in establishing the pact with Lucifer. The changes that are now occurring in my life are truly monumental. Thank you so very much Ben.
Best wishes,

What you use to do it.

This isn’t Tumblr, we don’t need a trigger warning. That said, ouch…keep us updated with progress photos.

The scarification process is pretty straight forward. Like tattooing, a stencil is made and transferred to the skin. The skin of course is initially prepared by shaving and thoroughly cleaning with antibacterial soaps. Once the stencil is situated, the skin is carefully sliced with parallel lines and the skin between the cuts is peeled away.

Do keep in mind that no anesthetic is used. Most, if not all body modification artist I know, are not licensed to used injectable numbing compounds into you.

From experience, the sensation of the skin being sliced is more startling than painful. The skin peeling is not as painful as I anticipated. I believe it is not as painful as it seems because quite literally while the skin is being peeled away, so are the nerve endings that are generating the sensation of pain. If the nerve ending are no longer in contact with me, they cannot generate the sensation of pain.

The tools that are used are various sterilized surgical scalpels along with surgical grade locking forceps that can grab and hold onto the skin while it’s being peeled away.

While the procedure seems simple, the skill of course lies in the hands of the scarification artists. He needs to know how deep to go, determine if the blade cutting smoothly or dragging, along with gauging your reaction to his slicing. If the blade tends to drag, he’ll know that it’s dull and needs to be changed. In gauging your reaction, he can tell if you’ll need a break or continue going. In being primarily a professional body piercer by trade, the scarification artist was always saying, “I don’t know how you can manage this level of pain. Especially after two hours.” Do keep in mind that when a body piercer does his thing, the actual body piercing happens in a fraction of a second. On the other hand, when a scarification is done, depending on the design, it can go on for an hour or more.

Historically, traditional body scarification comes from Africa. Tribes men there display their social status by cutting designs into their skin. To encourage the development of thick keloid scar tissue, dirt is rubbed into the open wound.

To avoid skin infections, modern scarification artists often rub wood ash into the open wounds. Or in my case, I rubbed tattoo ink to the fresh wound to enhance its appearance.

True, this isn’t Tumblr. However, before posting graphic images, I did ask for permission from the moderator. I was given permission to post such graphic images as long as a warning of potential graphic imagery is clearly described the title of the discussion thread.

Nice! Still can’t imagine trusting another person on such a complex project, but it looks quite pleasing.

wow Moldy! Just gorgeous - powerful, pretty & awesome all at the same time :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comment. The scarification artist did an earlier project that turned out better than I expected. I also had a really good feeling about this guy. Some how I knew it was going to work out and it did.

Thanks! I’m quite happy with it too. If the details hold up, I may just do it again on the other leg.

Haha, no worries. I was, mostly, being sarcastic just to poke fun at the outrage culture that’s started to infest society. That said, I’m eager to see the progress photos throughout the healing process.

The forum gets bigger all the time, so a simple word in a title seems the least problematic approach, just so no-one gets their day spoiled seeing something they really have a problem with. :slight_smile:

I don’t think there’ll be any checking of privileges here anytime soon. Wouldn’t have it any other way, I’m not here to be a powerless victim.

Here’s a photo of the scarification 10 days later. It’s healing faster now. However, the extensive bleeding apparently washed out a lot of the red tattoo ink. Never the less, the detail is still holding true to the sigil that Ben channelled. Even though the tattoo ink washed out, I’m hoping that after it heals the scar will still be visible as a change in skin texture and shift in skin coloration.

Moldy, I can’t help wondering, did you catch all that blood into a receptacle for further needs, or did uou let it run down and go to waste?

Hi there, unfortunately it did go to waste. I know that it does sound wasteful but during my first couple hours after having the scarification done, my attention was centered more on the bleeding issue. I was soaking through so many bandages that I was starting to ask myself, “When should I go to the ER???” But of course as soon as I asked that question, the bleeding stopped.

However, if you wanted to get some blood from yourself, it’s really easy. You could always use a blood lancet used by diabetics to test their blood. If you needed enough blood to do some blood writing, purchase one of those medicinal leeches. They work really well. It’s safe, painless, and you’ll continue to bleed anywhere from 6 to 18 hours.

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Here’s a photo of the scarification work after two weeks of healing. The healing is going well.

That’s really nice!

Drinking alcohol and taking aspirin or ibuprofen the day before such a procedure can lead to excessive bleeding. Kudos to you, tattoos are enough pain for me!

Thanks! Yes, I know about the side effects of aspirin and ibuprofen. Even though I wasn’t on any pain relieving drugs, from all the excessive bleeding, I know that I was at or approaching my body’s physical limits. Therefore, when I duplicate the scarification on my right leg, I’m planning to do it in stages as oppose to all at one time.

I know. I know. It sounds crazy to do a third scarification. The demonic pact with Lucifer only required me to do one scarification, but i currently feel a little unbalanced. Having a third sigil on my right leg feels appropriate. Lucifer agrees. It’s also my way of expressing my deepest appreciation for what I’ve already received from Him.