Magic in modern warware effective?

My Plan: soul travel for scouting and spyng reunions on the astral plane.

Banefull magick to kill political enemies.

Weather controll to difficult the enemy war effort and ease up our effort.

effective? better ideas let me know.


Sounds like you have some plans that you wish to put into action. Ultimately, I say why the hell not!! I mean, you and I along with everyone else on this board use the methodology of magic to create change on the physical plane (and perhaps other realms of reality as well).
I will say in regards to the political enemies aspects is to make sure you do your homework, scout the terrain and get as much intel as you can. It could be as simple of finding very simple information about events, circumstances, the environment, etc…. Depending on the individuals that you wish to affect, you make have to dismantle the problem and attack it from several angles to achieve the result that you desire. I know that Sevarn304 has some good ideas as far as picking apart a problem, look to him for that. As far as the whole weather control thing……well….depending on your skill set and how much you want to put into the situation, that may take some time as well. Personally, I feel that the weather is affected by so many thought-forms and unconscious thoughts of hundreds and hundreds people that getting the result that you desire may be an uphill challenge.

I posted my experience and opinions on this topic in this post, because it’s something I’ve tried to do several times, and there are some very good cautions, especially by Defectron, regarding things you need to consider before embarking on it in that full thread.

Don’t be discouraged, but be very cautious and also remember if it was easy to take these people down using widely-known methods, other people would have tried it ahead of you, so you might have to find ways to go the extra mile and at the same time make sure you protect yourself.