War on Mental / Dream plane

Dear all,

Currently i’, presented with a very fascinating and scary object:

Satureday Night, i had a Vision Dream wich i was kept lockd in a Mental Hospital, getting Infusions of Toxic to keep my mind humbled.
First try to escape changed my appearence from very old man to jung child, being even more blocked and humbled. Actually in Child state i was completly detached from Mental stable thinking. Another child kept talking to me - wich propably was the source of toning me down without infusions.
It kept me in place on a corridor until i was picked up by some of the doctors in the place. They moved me back to my room, increasing the amount of infusions.
Took a while, then i became upper hand in direkt fight with one of the doctors, due to confronting her and pushing one of the infusions into her body.
She instantly flee, alarm mode was set on the whole building and she was in emergency areal for detox.

Meanwhile i was on Corridor, tryin to find a way to escape again.

One of the passing Doc’s warned me: Go into the Emergency Area and you’ll be helplessly overwhelmed!!!

So i pushed myself through the next Window.
I jumped to a Wall about 20 meters away, from where i was outside.
The Outside place became crowded, people seurching for me and tryin to get me back in.

I reached 3 versions of my Dad, one very obviously being an enemy, only showing up in his fashion, then my real dad, close to him, in a very hidden, masked way. I passed by both, becouse i knew if i go to my Dad, it’s game over. The other one would instantly catch me.

I ran on, reaching the third, wich was a Red-Skinned, White Beared version of Dad.
I reached him, huged him and we both began to cry a shamanic Haul, scattering the whole Area and Building.
The People began to flee from us, and we started to instantly manifest a full Raid of Jungle Creatures.
Elephants. Snakes. Birds. Panthers. and more.

From there on, i knew damage was huge enove to be save, and i woke up from the Vision.

Next two times i was dreaming, i was surrounded by much more nicely persons, not being attacked directly.

Seems, this time my fight back was big enove to make an empact!

Normaly, the moment i become aware and start fighting them, i get kicked out of the vision into awake state.

This Night, i was in a setting of half-Store, half-Hospital, where we was depleting Tons of Items, and taking care of people.
I wasn’t alerted by the stuff going on, so i didn’t start to defend anything.

Seems the approach changed, so i was being pulled into acepting their ongoing attacks again for the next times.

Only issue with that: they loaded white Metal Boxes out of a Truck, each as big as a dead pig at the butchery.
I asked if i can help, since i was involved with all other works going on at the place.

They refused, and pushed me to go away.

Even tho, the first impession was that the Boxes were filled with food supply, my previous visions teached me: in this areal, food isn’t food, but infusions.

So, i guess there is an actual fight going on, where i’m involved propably since a few month. But the attacking forces start making more mistakes at the moment.

I still train myself to have faster and bigger access to my abilitys, since basicly in that realm, i’m usualy blocked by shutting my awareness out.

The more i become aware, and therefore able to fight back, the faster i get kicked back into awake mind.

Wanted to share the Story, since i think this opressive forces is usually relying on victims to be defenseless.

Also, the way they attack specially the Mental part of their victims, and keeping them unaware, i strongly belief that i didn’t get the full picture, and the main reason why they do all this effort.

Best Regards,


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This happens to just about everyone who starts out lucid dreaming. You begin to realize you are dreaming, and it causes you to wake up. For most people, their first few lucid dreams only last a few seconds to a couple of minutes, until they get the hang of it.

The reason being is that everything requires your attention to exist in a dream. As you realize you are dreaming, your thoughts tend to retreat inwards, focusing on the implications of what a lucid dream means. This doesn’t leave enough attentiom to sustain your surroundings, causing the dream to destabilize. The solution is to engage in brisk movement which generates a feeling of momentum. THis will force you to achieve the perfect balance of attention between you and your surroundings.

As for the scenario and the location, I don’t really see anything out of the ordinary there. The novelty, repetition and emotional reinforcement have created a recurring dream location. Your biggest problem is believing it’s real enough that you need to waste your time fighting it. Remember, everything requires your attention to exist in a dream, and the best way to defeat anything is to ignore it into oblivion.

I tested it the other way around:

I have a close friend, who owes me a lot at the moment. Due to the fact that she made shameless abuse of me, our friendship, and my company.

She set herself into being my guest for 1 and a half month, so she could hook up with a guy. i didn’t like to see that being done in front of my nose.
So i startet working my magic towards payback.

Now, the point is, i worked a lot on linking my desire to her, mainly when she wasn’t around.

Today she told me of her “nightmare” dream, where a guy was showing up pretending to be her boyfriend, while she had to work onto gettin through it. She noticed more and more how it was someone pretending to be him.
She dreamed that in a night where i was constantly casting on her.

She explained to me after i requested about that dream, how he looked. not like me, but more like a neighbour of mine.

She explained to me how her boyfriend, wich she told not to move his back on her but always face her, did exactly that during the whole night.
He argued about it being impossible for him to control his sleep movements before.

When she woke up in the morning, she had one of her best sexual expiriences, with shivering all over her skin.

Now that proved me a few points: first, direct attack into a person with magical skills and defense can show up as a nightmare. secound the real attacker is still covered with a mask. you can barely reach behind the mask.
More likely he reveals himself later on due to his actions in daily life.

Also, defending in Sleep / non-aware works. But it’s a matter of how much you become able to defend, or like in this case, having support.

I didn’t expect her to be at his place, therefore i didn’t attack him to remove him from my target.

I do know she can backlash on me very heavily, since she knows many of my secrets.

She was born with gifts in magic, but blocked them out of fear. She even had a healer covering her natrual abilitys with seals. Due to her stay at my place i decided to break those seals and reactivate her abilitys.
Wich i did in co-operation with my self created egregore of Yberion.
Took me just a few minutes till she told me to stop, “it’s done” as she felt the energy rising and streaming.

However, it’s funny how my intention to reforge our relationship and how we stand to each other still grows.

  • But in terms of lucid dreaming…

It proved that lucid dream and subconcious defense are two completly different things.

Best Regards,