War and Dark/Black Magic

True enough, cause enough bowel wrenching terror in anyone and they are toast.

How so?, what was his niche anyways?

So by what you are saying he was sub-contusely manifesting magic without any real sense of the nature and power of magic?

@Woodsman81 We live in this world though. Magick is about bringing the Other Worlds into this one. That makes us special in this plane.

Fair enough

So what you are saying is that demons/angels and the like are all the same except for the way they manifest themselves?, meaning they all come from the same source but manifest themselves differently from one another?

My contempt for Angels is well known. The Fallen are powerful though and wise. I am talking more of the Fae, the Undead, the Loa and many many others. The beings of power who though not Demons are certainly divine. They all have much to teach.[quote=“Kargan3033, post:29, topic:18657”]
meaning they all come from the same source but manifest themselves differently from one another?
Not just them. All of us. Though of course they wield this power in far greater concentrations.

Ah ok then.

So what you are saying that all things are manifestation of the Divine?, if so then what is the source of the divine?

So the Force is the divine manifestation of all things?

Interesting I thought that Buddhism was opposed to the dark side of life.

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True and from my limited understanding of that belief that they teach balance between all things, good/evil light/dark and if that is the case then WHY? are there no Dark Buddhists

Fair enough.

There are. In certain exclusive sects. Also, Black Magick based on Buddhist lore is a thing. Not mainstream, nor even necessarily Buddhist per sae, but it does exist.

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You could take that a few ways. In the niche of general power he was not top notch when you consider the shakey ground his base of power was built on as well as the duration of the level of power he achieved. As a totalitarian he was second rate clout compared to Stalin. As a charismatic speaker he was great, but still not the best.

I am saying the magick he preformed he did not consider “real” magick, and the “real” magick he pursued was never realized. That is why I found it ironic.

Lime I said before, I am not remotely convinced that our world is as separate as most think. Also, the veil stiffling that merge is routinely broken without human involvement. It was broken before human existence, I believe. What makes humans special is that we can create those mergers with intent. Spirits can, too, so I don’t think that ability really makes humans all that special.

@Woodsman81 I don’t mean it makes humans special. I mean it makes sorcerers more special than the mundanes.

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Now THAT is the truth, lol.

Hi! New to this forum, very interesting. Non-native, so please be patient with grammatical errors etc.
Concerning Hitler: he was most definitely a magician, and more. C G Jung and other high-profile individuals saw him as the incarnation of the germanic god Wotan.
Even Goebbels himself was a bit unnerved when he said: “At times, I fear the Führer is not human.”

It is very wrong to assume that the the other side planted rumors of the occult ongoings in the highest levels of the Nazi party. Quite the opposite, for decades they were very careful to propagandize them as simpletons who just loved, blonde hair, blue eyes and the bucolic ways of the peasant. There are even post war documents that stress how very important ist is that the public may never know about the occult Nazi background for fear they might be “infected”. Only in the days of the internet the other stuff came forward.

So … Hitlers brain. Contrary to everything you might have heard, his main goal was to “separate the herd man from the godhead”. THIS is what is meant by the often misinterpreted Übermensch. He basically said that this whole aeon is nothing but the fight between the (profane) subhuman and the (sacred) Godhead.

In a speech he gave once he closed with the words :

“This is how I will eradicate thousands of years of human domestication.”



Brilliant! Just fucking brilliant!


Savitri Devi preached Hitler as God-man, as an avatar to cleanse the world of injustice. Spiritual National Socialism. The Order of Nine Angles also uses spiritual Hitlerism.


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Problem with this whole ideal. All the various cults May preach National Socialism is good, but at the end of the day… The Man at the Top is going to sport his “own brand” and not say the JoS™ version making their promises void. This really goes for all forms of politics.

There is a heirarchy that must be respected.

Problem with the idea of what is Sacred vs Profane should be defined by the Man who has the Gold that makes the rules. What is considered Sacred in the minds of others cannot be held to be “as real” because quite simply… They do not have the means to enforce it. This makes most nothing more than idealists buying cheap words of trickery…Might by The Sword is one of the true few sacred things that cannot be changed in this world.

Towards the end of the war when things were going badly for Germany, Hitler never showed up after the bombings. Goebbels did and because he got early warnings he always had a shave and new shirt before he visited the devastation. But not Hitler, because as a Magician holding Germany and its people together with the sheer force of his will, to see the devastation would have weakened his will power.



As a lhp practitioner I learnt to break from what other people consider sacred and I paid a heavy cost. The Temple of Set preaches this, like celebrating or having a picnic on a sombre memorial day. Chaos Magic teaches the technique of forced laughing at inappropriate things – like news stories of kids being tortured or burnt to death. At first you’ll have to force the laughter, but soon, real soon you’ll find that you’re seeing the world and sheeple very differently as the inappropriate smiles and laughter just blossom. This is a very dangerous head zapping technique, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.



Yeah I figured people who laughed subconsciously did so to avoid discomfort. The technique I use is go Straight Cold zero emotion, where I control only the emotion I choose to release.