War and Dark/Black Magic

Given the current wars over religion we are seeing now a days I have to wonder what part black/dark magic is playing in these wars and of the wars in the past, WWII the Germans had occultism as part of their lives and given that most of information about Germany’s occultism seems to be propaganda(at lest that’s how it seems to me)I don’t put much stock in the history of German occultism juring WWII.


Hitler was a Magician. When he stood between the searchlight pillars of Jachin and Boaz at the Nuremberg Rallies it was obvious. The magnetic, hypnotic power of his speeches - even if you can’t understand them - as he sucked up the fears and hatreds of the masses and fed it back to them - energised in a closed circuit!

Himmler was a Magician. Baron Julius Evola was an Italian lhp Magician who worked on occult research for the SS.

I’m watching WWIII quietly building up in North Korea.




Like him or hate him no one can deny that Hitler was just a common man and I do agree that he had a magnetic and hypnotic personality/cult of personality.

I would have loved to have picked his brain and see what made him tick.

As for NK it’s going to be quite interesting to see how it all pans out in the end.

Okay, challenge accepted. I deny that Hitler was just a common man. Human like all of us, yes, but common? Do you see many common people doing anything worth mentioning (for good or ill)?

For a group of people who engage in metaphysics it never fails to amaze me how many magicians don’t consider something magick unless it involves some kind of phenomena, or meets there definition of magick.

Let’s get back to the basics: what is the commonly accepted definition of magick? “The Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will” - Crowley

In other words, holding your bladder is a type of magick. Cooking is definitely a kind of magick. Achieving an orgasm is a kind of magick that we use to create effects within the writ of other types of magick (sex magick, charging a sigil by masturbation, etc). If you think Hitler was not a magician, and a powerful one at that, you may have some limiting beliefs as to what magick is. Christ, the very nature of existence and our relationship to it in physicality is magick (read: life).

Not all magick involves ritual. In fact most magick is not even done knowingly as magick.

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An interesting point of view but Hitler was not a common man and I might have worded my thoughts wrong but you can’t deny he changed the world(for better or worse is anyone’s guess), as for the commonness of magic such as holding one’s bladder or cooking I don’t see that as magic because I really don’t have a clear understand of magic, also I’m sure that other people have a different view as to what the nature of magic is.

To me the nature of magic is having the power to do uncommon things that are outside the boundary of the natural world.


@Kargan3033 “Conscious, willful manipulation of Spirit to manifest into the world” is the definition I go with. The most obvious example I always cite is blasting someone across a room. Their isn’t any physical interaction there, but by reaching out with your Spirit to touch their’s you can cause them to react in various ways.


Interesting and that paints an interesting mental image in my mind but what is the nature of spirit?

Also how does your interpretation of magic apply to war besides blasting an enemy solider into a pile of ashes and smoking boots?

Hitler’s word alone could cause terror in others, instantly.

Agreed. That is the limiting belief that keeps so many people from getting what they want out of life. Maybe not in your case, but it does hold many back.


A fair enough answer but at this point in time I feel the need to know as much as I can, Btw how do you quote some one’s post here?

@Kargan3033 Just highlight the text, and click the button that shows up.


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That is true and that in it’self is proof of power, but was that power from magic or from his ability to sway the masses which might have been a magical effect.

If something pops into your head and you manage to make that something manifest in your reality then it is magick. When you look at a pile of separate ingredients and say " I am going to turn these tomatoes, basil, wine, etc into Bolognese sauce, and then by your actions (To Act) you have Bolognese sauce a few hours later from those ingredients, that is a type of magick. If you feel a need to pee and choose not to pee, and the result is you not pissing yourself, that is a type of magick.

Which is a seriously limiting belief, IMO. Consider the following question: what effect of magick could you produce that is not within the natural realm of some dimension? I cannot think of one. It is perspective, really. Evoking an entity to act in superb fashion in our estimation is quite natural for an entity. But that superb effect causes change you appreciate in your “natural” state. It all ties together at some level.

Interesting but would you say that if Hitler caused so much terror in some one that they had a heart attack or stroke that he would be powerful?

Depends. With magick? Definitely. Normal terror? Well…If you shoot someone with a gun are you powerful?

You know I never really thought of it that way, so in essences all human beings are capable of magic, some more so then others?

" Use the Farce Puke!, use the Farce! " LOL

But all joking aside if what you say is true then why is it that most people are incapable of using and understanding magic?, also why is magic divine and not infernal?

Oh, it most definitely is. You can kill with fear, instantly. It is a well documented phenomenon and the subject of some of my current experiments (not the kill part, but fear itself).

No he was not, even in his niche.

Probably true. His approach to magick and motivation to do so was almost certainly nothing like ours, but in a way it is also very similar. Like I said, all magick is intrinsically linked to existence, it just takes many forms.

In an ironic twist Hitler did preform magick, but never the kind he actively sought. I feel he was clueless as to the nature of the magick he was doing in the sense that he felt power structures and ritual occultism were mutually exclusive.If he did understand this he would not have spent absurd resources pursuing biblical artifacts or alien tech, because he would have known he already had that power the entire time.

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Yes. Good point.

I would only argue against that based on my view of nature of reality. I do not in any way feel that other dimensions or planes are mutually exclusive. For myself the presence of the supernatural seems quite natural to me. It’s understanding the connection and execution that can be the tricky part.

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