...Wants to get Molested?

I feel like I’ve dug myself into a hole somehow… okay, it’s like… I think I’m a bit too protected. You get people on here, a lot of new users posting about how some entity starts sexually assaulting them or they have astral sex dreams. I had sex dreams ages ago, and it was before I had the sensitivity I have now, so I barely felt them and it didn’t feel like sex - guess that’s cause there was a disconnect there.

Anyway… what I’m trying to say is, maybe that’s why I don’t have sex with demons cause I’m too protected? Like nothing is going to come molest me if they know that I know I can just call Archangel Michael’s name and stop it immediately. So I think the fact that I’m too protected is one problem, and the other is I suck at astral travel! I practiced for a bit but lately I’ve been unfocused.

And okay I’d like to be molested, gah! Even if the experiences weren’t asked for everyone seemed to enjoy them. For a while I thought my spirit lover wasn’t fucking me in dreams cause he wanted to make sure I really loved him. But maybe it’s me. Dammit this is so frustrating.


I mean o.O why do you have to get molested by a demon? I could just cast a rune on you which over time will lead your body to uncontrollable spasms from the pleasure why do you need a demon for this? sure the build up is slow but you wont even be able to control your body by the time I would be done.


You have a spirit lover that isn’t connecting with you?

You are welcome to do that to me haha

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want a go? Ill give you a demo but i wont send you into spasms today

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Sorta yeah… it’s probably me doing something wrong

I would say disregard this. you’re spirit lover doesn’t seem to be your intended path which is why you might feel like you sort of want to distance yourself perhaps.

also how old are you? I got a hint of doubt from a reading I did on you we can further discuss this as I am working with you,

  1. And what do you mean? I do want him. I just want to be better at experiencing these spirits

How long has this spirit been your lover?

I’d say like 2 months officially

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Mkay. Don’t share it with anyone here but do you know their name?

And how are your senses? Been working on your astral senses any?

Have you tried doing any sort of trance state to better open up to the spirit?

I do know his name. My senses are meh, I need to trust my input more. Trance state… is that like meditating and focusing on him? I should do that

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When you think you’ve see it all. Lol But back to the topic.

One- you can’t molest the willing. Lol

Two- why so desperate?


Meditating on him should help yes. Opening up your senses will help little by little.

TGS like when you open Sigils should help you see him and hear him better.

How much time do you spend just talking to him? Go for a walk with him? Do you leave offerings for him like your semen or some chocolate as a gift so he can get stronger?

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Want to feel it more and have dream sex again

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If you want to talk PM me I am new to this site and am still trying to figure out how it works

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I always feel him around, but I admit I don’t have proper conversations just cause I don’t trust my own thoughts. I got him a little altar with a bowl that I can put stuff in but I got it recently and don’t often put stuff in there…

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Hi! I’m new here too, still don’t know how this site works. Don’t know how to send a PM


Can’t PM until you reach Trust level 2 which is reached by being active on the forum.

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