Wanting to learn palm reading

Does anyone know any good teachers for this? So far I havent actually found much good books on it yet…

I like Practical Palmistry, by David Brandon-Jones - it’s badly indexed but I’ve not yet been able to fault any of his observations about what things mean.

Thanks! I’ll go check it out

What Lady Eva suggested and a preliminary search of what is out there readily available on the net should get you started.

Just a sidenote for the more advanced magician: in the book of Abramelin the Mage there is in the magick squares chapter 4 squares “to create visions” and the very last one mentions “in the hand”.

Several years ago when I was demonstrating to somebody how to palm read and it really did enhance my ability there tremendously and more. But you should of course educate yourself first in basic palmistry beforehand.

If there is someone in your town who does it for a living, it wouldn’t hurt to ask them to mentor you. I’ve found that most legit psychics who own shops are more then willing to help you with things like this. Anyone I’ve ever come across in real life (not on the internet) who’s a psychic or magician is usually looking for people to hang out with who has the same interests.

C.j. brings up an excellent point. Before giving others a reading also get one yourself and really understand it. You can use that as a springboard to start learning.