Wanting to join? Can't?

IDK if it’s just me or not? But trying to “officially” join, with a unique email address, (not one that’s been banned, AFAIK,) It never works. Why? Well, the officital common demononitor, AFAIK, has been that I’ve been to some degree inebriated whilst trying. I’m thinking that E.A, as smart as he is, set up a demon to search for such,for the wanna-be’s, but what of the very few of us who need the venom of the serpent? Because of the environs we live in, because of the atmosphere we’re still in, yet wisheth to escape? Will you forget us? I feel so much more than the call of the Serpent. I feel the call of The Void itself. That that was manifest before the God-form took its first breath. The unconsciousness of Being.

Beyond Kether. The Un-Manifest. I can imagine it. What am I? Help me.

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Can you please do a proper introduction. I moved your thread too. What kind of magic do you do? What kind of magic systems have tried or studied?


Help us help you and please, as Purp asked, provide a proper introduction and answer those questions…

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Unfortunately this forum has no built in “are you off your face?” detector, but I think we can all agree anyone who could invent one would be greeted as a saviour by the world as a whole. :thinking:

Please make an intro your very next post, as requested. :+1: