Wanted to share this mornings experience

Hi everyone,
This morning I spoke to Lord Lucifer and wanted too share my experience. I have spent countless hours reading from this forum and thank you all for the knowledge I am learning. So anyway, this morning I wanted to talk to Lord Lucifer again about some personal issues. I light a candle, poured a shot of Johnny Walker and mediated on his sigil. I could feel his energy but not like I have in the past. When I asked if he was there, the flame danced side to side. He answered my questions in the same way. When I asked what he wanted in return, the flame jumped around and grew larger for praise and time. So I wanted to thank him publicly for speaking with me this morning and wanted to share this experience with everyone. Hail Lord Lucifer…


Excellent work! :+1:


Thank you :upside_down_face:


Nice work! Thanks for sharing.


Just wanted to give an update… so after speaking to Lord Lucifer the other day I felt very positive but at times I felt like my mind was playing games on me and I started to doubt things. The next night a friend came over and we were watching a movie. Really wasn’t paying attention to the movie to much but towards the end, there was a sign. The movie was called Demonic, turns out the plot was a bunch of kids following the left hand path, they were even using sigils to evoke. I thought wow what a coincidence, then I hear the name of the main character Michelle. The same name as the girl I’m crazy for and have asked help with. Tell me that doesn’t sound like a sign. But wait there’s more, yesterday I walk into my kitchen and see this black tee shirt on the chair. I don’t recognize it so I look at the tag and print on the front. It has a print that says Trinidad and Tobago. That’s the same country this girl is from. I actually brought the shirt around 15yrs ago back from a trip there and haven’t seen it since. I thought wow so many signs this week. Just wanted to share with everyone, have a wonderful day…