Wanted to share personal progress

Only 23 days into meditation but I’ve noticed a pattern. I keep getting this feeling that I’m missing something and I’ve thought about it, what if what I’m missing is myself?

Afterall I keep seeing a demon form of myself in my meditations or, if I don’t see that form, I’ll instead feel within myself a certain calm and relaxation that brings on a sense of freedom and belonging.

I think that maybe the key to opening my third eye and what my demonself has been trying to tell me in my meditations is that by ‘letting go’ i.e ‘letting go of holding myself back’ and ‘let go of fear’. I’ll reach where I want to go.

Yesterday and today I noticed that when I was calmer, less stressed and feeling less afraid of nearly everything (come from a bad home), I would notice a shadowed figure of a man or a white demonic figure standing near me or in the shadows waiting for me to notice them.

I guess all I can hope for is that my theory is right. Even though it’s kind of funny and feels kind of far fetched to think how my own spirit is essentially complaining at me to become more out going and courageous lol