WANTED: Killer Writers For Causing A Magick Revolution

WANTED: Killer Writers For Causing A Magick Revolution

I’m happy to announce that we at Become A Living God want to find killer authors for our new publishing initiative. In our mad drive to cause a massive occult revolution, and create the world’s best magickal education, we are opening up the opportunity for writers to submit their work to us in hopes of publishing it as a critical component of our magick curriculum and catalog.

Answer these questions to find out if you qualify…

  • Are you a published author and tired of your previous publisher? Maybe they scammed you out of royalties, or paid you too little, or did a terrible job releasing your book? Or maybe you just want to try a new and different publisher?

  • Are you a new writer, and have always wanted to get an occult book published, but never knew how?

  • Have you read the writing of other occult authors and felt convinced you could do a better job, like their work was inferior to something you’d write?

  • Do you have an idea or manuscript you believe would make a powerful book?

  • Are you inspired and excited by the idea of contributing to the advancement of the fastest growing magick movement in the world?

  • Would you like make history by creating a literary masterpiece under the guidance of E.A. and myself?

We are open to both previously published authors, and new writers.

If you believe you have an idea in the works, or a finished manuscript, that we’d like, then go right here to download our Starter Guide:



1. We handle the entire financial investment for you.

If we do choose to support your work, we’ll handle the financial investment for the entire creation, everything from manufacturing to the ultimate release.

You literally just write, and we do everything else. It costs you nothing.

2. Join the ranks of the prestigious Become A Living God family of writers.

You’ll get to have your name under the highly respectable Become A Living God label, where you’ll be considered part of our “inner family” of artists. You’ll also most likely receive the opportunity to write more books, as well as participate in select magickal educational projects we conceive later.

We are building a roster of very notable authors, and your name will be one of them.

3. Earn up to 50% of all royalties.

This is something you WON’T find anywhere else. The average publishing label, for example Ixaaxar, Scarlet Imprint, and others, all underpay their authors by sharing only a meager 15% of earnings!

We find that preposterous, and instead want to give you at least half of everything we take in from YOUR writing. That’s right, you get 50% from us.

Again, if this all sounds and looks appealing to you, and you really want to get your writing published by us, click here to learn more:


Our goal is to innovate the world’s most completely comprehensive curriculum of magick education to ever exist.

Will you be an active part of making history? Or will you be sitting on the sidelines?


We are open to all ideas, but we do have a few specific criteria we are most interested in receiving.

1. Anything cutting edge, never-before-published, and innovative

In other words, we want brand new information, not just a rehash of old ideas. Have you discovered new techniques, had unusual experiences, or conceived new theories about magick?

2. Anything taboo, off-limits, previously restricted, or controversial

Are your ideas challenging to the status quo of magick? Do you push the envelope and cause the reader to consider new paradigms, possibilities, or paths?

3. A mix of solid practical instruction, experiential story-telling, and theoretical discourse

We want each book to have each of these 3 facets. We are not interested in strictly story-telling, or only theory. It must be versatile, grounded in practice, and TRUE.

As I said, we are open to all ideas, and are not limiting our interested to any particular path or system of magick.

One last time, if you’ve got a good idea, want to receive the 3 major benefits from us, and qualify according to our questions, then download our Starter Guide right here, to learn more:



Since EA is kind young yet and i feel that BALG will last a lot. Ill contribuite in the future also.


What about illustrative or visual contributions? I ask, because I’m an artist by trade and I’d certainly like to contribute at some point.


Here is a question: will you need editors? I worked part-time as an editor for Nephilim, have a degree in Writing and Publication, and am myself a proficient writer. I also would be interested in writing fiction and philosophical works, but I understand if that isn’t currently of interest to BALG. If you are interested in an editor, you can contact me at [email protected]. Either way, I’m interested in this project, even if its just reading through the books you put out!

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What a fantastic opportunity for all writers and illustrators ! With Timothy and E.A standing behind this I can just imagine the powerful onslaught of books that will come from this community! I’m excited to see what you guys can unleash! Also most importantly I would feel most comfortable,secure and proud that Timothy and E.A were backing me as these are two guys even though I have not personally met, I trust! " Let’s set the night on fire guys "!!


Well I’m starting to explore some new terretory with my interactions with alien entities and entities from parralell universes, but I don’t have nearly enough material for a book yet. Maybe a couple years down the road though, hopefully the offer will still stand by that time.

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Timothy, I have just replied to your email, my apologies for the delay!

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Im venturing to say this is my final sign. My wife and friends have bugged me about writting a book for some time now, and over the course of recent weeks the thought has been building like a slow steady pressure in the back of my mind . Today , two more signs . Then after months of not engaging in this forum I found this recent topic and offer.
Safe to say I have officially been slapped and someone is trying to get my attention. Downloaded the guide and Im letting Spirits guide me, so we’ll see where this goes.
Thanks Timothy !!


What about music? I am currently working on a black ritual ambient album, which also plays with 4.5 beats a second to help drop the listener into theta.

Here is some of my lighter music just for fun:


PFM baby…PFM…PURE FUCKING MAGICK…Man the more I check this forum out the more I like it!!! I think this is truly exciting and innovative.

Thank you for inspiring me

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Hey Timothy I have a book that needs to be written. Probably 3 of them. Hit me up and we can talk about the details.

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Hey Zach (I believe that’s your name?)

Please download this guide, and email it to me:



Thanks Timothy,

I’ll be reviewing the pdf and send it to you upon completion.


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[quote=“Timothy, post:12, topic:784”]Hey Zach (I believe that’s your name?)

Please download this guide, and email it to me:


Hello Timothy, count me in as a future contributor.

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I cannot wait until the release of my book: Necromantic Sorcery: Forbidden Rites of Death Magick. My desire is that this book will help others in need. It has proven to me to be a massive source of Power.


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Will Mr. Abiel’s book “Necromantic Sorcery: Forbidden Rites of Death Magick” be released via the publishing side of BALG (perhaps an obvious Q/A but alas I still ask)? This sounds like a killer release!

Also, is there any release date in mind yet and will there be a standard edition and/or a deluxe edition?


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As a consumer of these books looking over this thread

  • its great to see win win scenarios for a change that I was unaware of with Publishing houses and the percentages they work on traditionally - way to go sharing abundance.

  • Preordering books and such, will that be the format for Limitted Editions?

  • will Normal Editions or Even Ebooks be considered for those who just want to get working on the information from authors?

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Would poetry have any relevance to this project? My poetry is riddled with esoteric undertones.

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When Books Are Published From Become A Living God Why Not Make Really Cool Deluxe Versions With Leather And Ram Skulls On The Front Of The Book Something That Out Does Any Other Occult Publishers

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Are you guys open to concept art also?

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