Want your opinions

Some time ago I did a ritual to find a lover which will be suited to my needs.

After 3-4 weeks a girl messaged me on whatsapp. It was found that… That girl was friend of one of my female friends. She saw my pic in my female friend’s phone and found me attractive so she messaged me.

The ritual worked!! I was happy.

But she still missed her ex and seemed very confusing. Like sometimes she said that I (adhi69) is very loving… Caring etc… And she wants a bf like me… On the other hand she said… She can’t trust boys bla bla…

So I summoned up Sallos and asked him to make her fall in love with me.

Post divination results indicated that sallos was working but I would not get the desired results.

2 days later there was one argument between both of us from. Nowhere. She started calling me egoistic and called me a “kid” . I became so frustrated that I blocked her.

And here it ended our story!

So my question is who is to be blamed for these arguments and the ending?? Me or sallos?? Because it was like that some forces led to argument between us.

Sounds like she thought you were potentially a guy she would hook up with.
But decided to just use you as an emotional tampon.

She “wants a bf like me” - in other words she views you as weak and simply her “nice guy” friend.

I don’t think anyone is to blame.

Forget about her and focus on just getting a girl that you like - who knows you may even find the law of reverse effort comes to your favour and she suddenly changes her attitude towards you.

I’ve experienced these kind of behaviors before I started my spiritual journey, and it applies to males and females. What makes human relationships complicated, as I see it, is the “right here, right now” way of thinking, and the smallest little things that creates an annoyance will burst the bubble. It becomes selfish and egoistic, where compromises is out of the equation. And some people are so afraid of commitment, and to stick to that commitment.

Why do you think there are so many lonely people out there? Because they can’t make up their mind, and once they commit to someone, they got stuck in the thought of giving up on something they can’t do because they tell themselves they sacrificed too much for the relationship.

But this doesn’t apply to everyone. There is exceptions. There always is, She is out there, somewhere.

Like Deathwish said, there’s no one to blame. And maybe Salos isn’t finished yet. Be patience.

Here is something that will help you more. The way most people use demons is to utilize the present forces available to work with. In other words like Deathwish said she perceived you a certain way. In order to establish any relationship there has to be proper changes made. Insteqd of using the passiveness of the Law of Attraction you need to go the Active route. When you call upon demons they tend to bring out Subconscious issues boiling tonthe top az well as some positive things, but most people are walking cesspools of negativity. For example, Sallos deals with ISSUES OF FIDELITY…relationship stuff.

Sonwhat you have to do is do a little Game Hunting. Find a girl that you like enough. Them call upon Sallos to Transform you and her as a couple so that you may come togethor…thisnis essentially a working to transform that cesspool of negativity so that it actually does work. You cannot make it work with a shitty foundation. Likewise if you nust want to use LoA methods then simply have Sallos transform you into the person you desire which will attract circumstances and people in relation to what Sallos deals with.