Want to summon spirits, but scared/don't have open senses? Start here! Safe Servitor for beginners/banishing/protector

I have a few questions if you don’t mind:
Is luna still active?

can she be asked to stick around the summoner or does she go away after doing her tasks?
edit:I guess this answers my second question:

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Yepper, she’s been given a soul so she’ll likely outlive us :laughing::smirk:


Ok so here is my experience with Luna.

Firstly thank you @Keteriya for creating Luna.

Last night I was reading your thread and I was imagining using Luna for an Evocation I was about to do.

A few hours before the Evocation, while reading your thread, I thought of her and said “I love you Luna”. In the next few minutes I was fixing my Kids’ bed and the first thing I see is:

I’m taken aback. This is my daughter’s sticker which I’ve never seen.

So 15 mins later I proceed to ask her where this came from, while she was watching “Puss in Boots” on TV. At the exact time when I was asking her about the pink pony sticker I hear on TV “I am banishing you”.

Experience during ritual:

During the ritual I called upon Luna after my Demonic LBRP and I felt a very mild/subtle presence. Not sure she was there or not, but I assumed she was there.

Towards the end of the ritual while carrying out my own banishing with a strong wave of fire, while I was raising energy, I smelled a Horse for a brief second. This have Never happened before.

P.S. I recently started Evoking after 16 years and my senses are in the trash.


Short answer/ TLDR/ etc: No.

Explanation: I created Luna, because I quite simply did not, do not, will not- have the time to help every single person who comes to this forum and requests my help, either in reply to something I wrote that inspired them, or in my inbox/email etc. We go through periods of time where it seems there is a lot of need for help, and there just are not enough of people with experience, that give a shit to do it.

Luna was created not only to be easy for beginners that need a safety net, but to help the more experienced practitioners whom will from time to time find themselves facing another practitioner.

Luna is very distinct, and very different in personality from pretty much any other spirit I’ve encountered. This alone helps you to be able to discern whether or not she’s there and willing to act upon you’re behalf. For example:

-It is frequently reported that Luna will enter the summoned space and immediately rush all around banishing, consuming parasites and thoughtforms and otherwise automatically attack the bad shit.

-Luna can only appear as some sort of pony, it tends to be cute and cuddly and distinctly cartoonish. There are not many things that parade around in this form, so it’s pretty easy to tell you got the right thing, and if you are unable to sense Luna, she has a pretty high rate of giving clear signs that will pop out unmistakably.

-Luna will always leave when asked to- period, no exceptions, end of story. She might advise you that is unwise, due to your lack of protection/level of need/rate of being assaulted etc- but if you tell her to go, she will.

-Luna can teach you how to shield yourself, ward your space, shield and ward someone else remotely, aid you in pinpointing flaws in your protection scheme, consume parasites, change the energy of space from negative to positive- and teach you how to do this for yourself, remind you when you haven’t banished in months and is otherwise pretty discernable from conversation. For example, if you ask her who gave her a soul, she will answer with one of a few things: A demon, @Keteriya, Keteriya Black, a witch, Morax, etc. Basically either me, or a demon named Morax as that was who granted my request to give her a soul due to my working relationship with said demon. Any other answer would be a pretty red flag, and stand out as hey, I have the wrong entity.

-Luna has a soul, like many of the entities you can call upon already. She’s pretty easy to summon, you just need to call her name and direct it at the image of a cute little toy pony. If you can see her image, that I drew- even better for the first time.

But honestly, it sounds like you either are a dumbass poking your nose where it didn’t belong yet, or an experienced practitioner. Either way, I cannot believe that this group of enemies has you so locked down, that you can’t gaze at a pony and say Luna in your mind. If you’re having this much trouble, it’s probably time for you to learn how to have good spiritual hygiene, help yourself, and develop a sense of responsibility for your actions, as well as to do the work necessary to protect yourself.

There are other members that either go out of their way to help others with parasite issues like @norse900 and @Angelb1083, or who have lots of time and can give personalized advice- but I’m sorry, it’s nothing personal- I just don’t have time and I feel like there’s enough material laid out for you here that you can do it yourself, or open a new thread requesting help and perhaps someone will have time to do so.

Best wishes, and good luck.


It sounds to me like you got her! Good work, your senses will get better in time :slight_smile:


Thank you for your long and detailed reply. I believe my message came off the wrong way. I was visualizing Luna and I succumbed to my own self doubt. I was not “poking my nose” where I was not meant to. I’ve been spending too much time focusing on the wrong aspects of the situation i.e. getting too much into my feelings of weakness. I am not inexeperienced, I was being too open and not asserting my own will enough and Im getting my arse kicked to learn responsibility. Thank you

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No problem. I also came across a bit harsh, but just really got the vibe you needed a swift kick in the arse. Don’t worry, I need and get those rather often myself- sometimes we just need someone to be like dude you’re being a dumb ass to get our asses back in gear, or maybe that’s just me. :laughing:


@norse900 Respectfully, is there a possibility I could dm you? Tired of letting myself be a victim to imposter spirits, parasites, and competing co consciousnesses. I matured from the ass kicking. I’d like to learn how to push back, is there advice you would be willing to share?

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Possibly, but my time is limited at the moment. I just moved back to the East Coast. I don’t have time to read all this tonight, but should in the next few days.

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Could I send you a picture of my gnosis? I’m not in exactly the safest environment and I wanted the share what I came up with before it gets destroyed.

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That’s fine.

Can you please dm me so I can share it privately?

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