Want to summon spirits, but scared/don't have open senses? Start here! Safe Servitor for beginners/banishing/protector

Sounds great! Thanks

@Keteriya I love Luna! I’ve been using her to banish negativity around me and from people I send her to. Although I have no way to confirm from the others, with me, I find her very effective in helping me cleanse, clear and banish unwanted negative thoughts, energies, tendencies, etc from myself and my house. I call her whenever I take a bath and after ritual work. I have some questions though:

  1. Saying her name out loud and “I love you Luna” is enough to summon her, right?
  2. Saying “Thank you, Luna” feeds her, right?
  3. I don’t sense her much and have not seen any images of her anywhere - is that okay?

Been reading up on servitors and want to create my own for a specific purpose. I’ve listed 5 servitors I want to create. Some questions too:

  1. I’m thinking of using characters in tarot decks (Queen of cups, swords, pentaes, wands) for each servitor and purpose - that’s ok right?

  2. How much time do I need to spend on each creation? Can I create them all at one time and give life to them at the same time?

  3. As an alternative to drawn images, can I use any of these physical items as my servitor? Thinking I can bring them around with me anywhere and program to rub on them whenever I want to summon…

Appreciate your time and reply!

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Technically I love you Luna is a statement designed to show your appreciate and transfer any energy she needs to do the tasks you’ve asked her to do, directly to her without any conscious effort on your part, but yes her name is enough to summon her. I don’t remember the last time I pulled up her image when I wanted her to come, I have personally just gravitated to her name alone. I think the image and what not are a good tool for those who haven’t summoned her yet, or who aren’t sure of what they are doing but once you’ve connected a few times, you shouldn’t need anything but her name and the intent to draw her near and she should hear you.

Yes it will, gratitude is a great source of energy and feeling that for a moment and saying thank you does definitely work to feed her.

Totes normal. With servitors I don’t get clear images like I do some spirits. I sometimes get impressions- particularly in the creation stages, but afterwards for me its normal to not know for certain I connected- especially by sight alone. I somedays envy these people that can clearly see, but most days I care more about results than I do what I see, so as long as I’m getting the results, I don’t worry to hard about whether or not I sensed the spirit or servitor. I use a servitor fairly regularly for something else, and once in a great while I’ll get impressions of it nodding or whatever to the tasks I’ve given- however usually I don’t. But when the results come in a few days later, I know that servitor heard me because I did not take effort to make the results come in other way, I just tasked it to the servitor in question.

I don’t see any problem with it, I’d just be careful with how I did it, that I was clear on which aspects belonging to the cards I wanted the servitor to pick up, and I’d stay away from the negative aspects, unless of course those are the ones you want it to have. Same as a fantasy character the servitor is going to pick up what you intend for it to, so don’t linger on the things you don’t want it to have.

Man this varies. I technically take 4/5 days on each servitor but it only amounts to about 12 hours total. I just spread it out across several days because of the amount of energy I am expending in creation and to make sure I’m not bat shit crazy. If I get the same type of impressions several days in a row, I can feel pretty secure it’s not all in my head. I have aphantasia and can’t even make images or after images with my mind, so that I worry about it, means all ya’ll with good imaginations probably should too to an extent lol.

Taking a few days also makes sure that I was clear in the purpose, the servitor has adequate starting energy and I can begin to see if they are taking on the personality that I expect them to have.

As far as giving life to them at the same time, I’ve tried giving souls to several at once through the demon that does that for me, and I don’t find they are as strong as if I do them individually. So while I will sometimes stack them up before I bring them to life- create 3 or 4 or 5 cuz I’m bored and I love to create them and I have personal reasons for not listing them, I still bring them to life separately, because results matter to me and they just don’t seem to be as strong if I do them together. I can bounce from one to another while creating and don’t see any damned difference however. Luna and another servitor were sketched on the same days. Given energy on the same days, but awakened seperately.

I don’t see any reason why not, but the form they take may not be as clearly defined as if you followed the process I do. That’s all well and good for some, but most people I create servitors for prefer the servitor has a static image that they don’t vary from, so that they know what they got, and if anyone like their kids or spouse accidently glimpse it- they don’t have to deal with OMG OUR HOUSE IS HAUNTED and that kinda shit ya know. Lol someone accidentally sees a cute pony or whatever and it’s like wow, my mind is playing tricks on me today.

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Just wanted to share! @Keteriya Like I told you, I’ve been using Luna for myself and my SP. Yesterday, I asked him to color print some images I plan to use for my servitor creation. I included Luna among those for printing. He called last night to tell me he got i done. He has no idea what they’re for and he asked about Luna. :joy:

And I recently told you I dont feel/see her so much… But just now I got this text! I emailed a car dealer for some quotation requests yesterday and this is what came through!

I don’t think it’s coincidence, Luna being a “rare” name, what are the chances, eh? It’s definitely her making herself felt to me! She’s my 1st servitor ever, so thank you!

Thank you, Luna! I love you, Luna!


That is a funny coincidence :slight_smile: It’s honestly been kinda amazing to read about all of the funny name coincidences, and clothing encounters and things that members have had while working with Luna. It’s almost like when you are kinda sure but still doubting, she finds a way to give you that little confidence boost you need to keep at it.

Good job :slight_smile: You’re right, I don’t see it as a real name real often, so I’d probably take it as a sign that she’s saying Yep, I hear you- even if you don’t hear me.


Thank you, Luna! I love you, Luna! :sparkling_heart:


Wath kind of book can i read as a beginner to create a servitor. I mean really step by step. Can you recommend some good ones?

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Taylor Ellwood’s is as close to my method as it gets. Damon Brand also has a book on the subject, and while he uses different methods they would work.

I have tutorial on here, but Ellwood is probably my favorite as far as Authors go, because he works with spirits in almost the same ways I do.

Thank you. I will try them. I read your tutorial. There are some erea i need more info.

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I summoned Luna and I could see her appear within my mind’s eye the second time speaking her name. I kept my eyes closed for this. I’ve noticed that Luna’s presence feels similar to the beings that used to protect me as a child. Also, Luna’s presence seems to feel “more real” or “more solidified” as time goes on. Thank you for creating a servitor so useful for beginners. I’m hoping to create my own servitor soon

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That is interesting, do you know what they were? If you don’t that’s fine, you just made curious is all. I’ve been told her energy feels similar to my own, but naturally only by those close to me and I expect that since she was created with my own energy. But she was also given a soul by Morax, so I wonder if some pick up more on those parts of her than those that know me well? Interesting either way lol.

People say that to me about servitors all of the time. It doesn’t seem to matter how old the servitor is either. It doesn’t seem to make initial impressions stronger that they are more tried and tested. It’s almost like they need to solidify their form to your personal mind or something. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard people say this about other types of spirits too, but I know definitely they have with my servitors.

I have had people on the opposite end however, where the first summoning was the absolute strongest, until their senses further developed. :woman_shrugging:

:slight_smile: Good luck, I find creating servitors, is one of my favorite things to do magic wise, and no problem. It makes me very happy that people are actually using her and having great experiences.

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I know there was a woman, a lion, a tall man with a top hat, and a little girl. I think there were more though. I recently discovered that one of my spirit guides is a green snake.
When I was little, there was a lot of chaotic energy in the room with me and my brother and our bathroom door wouldn’t stop opening and closing. There was this woman that I could feel sit on the bed next to me as if she was there watching over me. I could feel the bed shift towards a weight and also feel the energy of something next to me. That was the only time this spirit appeared to me. I had a dream of falling into a pit of lions around that time under my bed and got the feeling of an overwhelming sense of support. The lion was also a spirit that appeared to my sister and my niece and we didn’t find out that this spirit had appeared to us until later on in life. I don’t remember the tall man with the top hat, but apparently I used to talk about him a lot when I was around 3 or 4. I think he was dead and may have died on the property that I lived on. We found out that a lot of people were hanged in the field behind our house. Around this time, there was also a little boy that I played with that I described as having red paint in his hair who later ended up attacking me. I never saw him again after that. I don’t remember the encounters with these two spirits since they happened when I was so young. There was also this little girl I saw after praying and getting into more of a meditative state when I was around 13. She was standing above me and was watching me beside my bed. She had a very powerful white glow about her. This was also a spirit that my sister had come into contact with. My sister would lay out her dolls at night and she would wake up with them cared for and organized in the morning. These are the ones that I am aware of, but I’m sure there were more

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That’s pretty interesting. I used to have nightmares that a lion was chasing me- when I was 3 or 4 years old.

Thank you for sharing, that sound like amazing experiences. I don’t have as clear memories of the spirits I do remember from when I was a kid- I think mostly because I got spooked at a pretty young age, but I could be wrong! I remember some, but I always feel like I’m truly forgetting a lot of the details, and probably the important ones lol.

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There is a local company in my city named Luna whose commercials seem to come on all the time. Their website is luna.com. They install carpets and floors.

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As for my opion … while I’m certain the rest is very interesting … just in comment to the thread title: if you’re afraid to summon Demons then my best advice is “don’t do it”.
Forget barriers, banes, protectors, wards ext. “Just don’t do it” if you’re afraid - because even with them in place, whether they are strong enough, adiquate or not, you’re still not going to get the most out of the experience that you will with a calm, collected & sober mind & body that you get from being calm & unafraid.

Afraid - your perceptions & perspectives are scewd & you focus & attentions & over all energies are not what & where they need to be. There will be some serious & entirely unnecessary barriers in the lives of communication.

My best suggestion is this … conquer & banish your fear first.
If you need a circle for protection & binding … then don’t go (pardon my slang) “fucking” around with demons at all. Simple as that.

You you can’t only use circles to focus, harness, direct & amplify energies & channels then don’t use them.

Some of the most pleasant, most effective & productive summoning & experiences I have ever had have never used any sort of circle, nor wards, nor protectors … but where )in bvb a manner of speaking) what I call “butt naked magic” experiences where I was entirely exposed & vulnerable & thus showing extreme levels of trust & respect for the intentities & powers in question (on many levels).

I have experienced less to no fall out & blow back through such an open & (what is regarded by many to be) "a dangerous & reckless " practice & approach to dealing with spirits & energies.

I say if it’s dangerous, then it’s dangerous, and just like a helmet won’t do anything but keep your brain in a bucket when you lay that motorcycle over … and you split it wide open on the road … you will have no more likelyhood of survival & protection because you were wearing it than when you weren’t. As the child of several E.R Nurses & a sibling, cousin & friend to many more … I can say what they say to me: just as many people die with their helmet on, from brain damage, as without. A helmet just leaves less of a mess for the cleanup crew to scrape off the road.

Keeping with that inallegy: if you think you’re at risk dealing with any entity then the best bet is not to do it. If you wipe out, at the right speeds & contiditions, it won’t mean shit if you had your gear on or not. Dealing with Spiritual powerhouses is like wearing a helmet & leather jacket on an helicopter jet engines rocket bike at top speeds. You may look cool doing it, but if you wipe out it ain’t doing shit for you & only making less of a mess for the cleanup crews.

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Yes well. We preach that all day long, and all night too and people do it anyways, was the point when this was created months ago lol. I think you missed the point, but that’s okay :slight_smile:

We were the clean up crew for these peeps for a few minutes, and this has helped reduce the work our regulars are doing to save asses lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok so Ive recently started doing a few pendulum readings for myself and, well…they’ve been eerily accurate, but I’m still not convinced its true. I keep having doubt that theres something messing with me… I forgot about your Luna but I think tonight when I get off work I’m gonna to try summoning her and seeing if theres anything going on im my space. Im still pretty weak with my senses so I dont expect to feel much from her but I’ll report back if anything happens. Thanks for sharing her! : D


O - :hushed: … oooooppppsss :flushed::slight_smile:

My bad: sorry for having that out of place & that the crew had to play clean up for foolish people.

Thank you for pointing out my “ooppsy” & being nice about it. Lol

O goofy O impulsive Me

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All good, if you weren’t pretty active or a part of the clean up crew, you’d probably have never realized we were having so many newbie type issues like that :slight_smile: Things have settled down considerably, and a lot of the experienced members have used this servitor as a back up or an addition to their practices as well, so imop it’s turned out to be worth my time :slight_smile:

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I called upon Luna for the first time last night by using your sketch and chanting her name and i asked to her to put up some wards and get rid of any spiritual parasites on and around me. Unfortunately i didn’t feel anything when i called her i think my senses are probably really bad atm, But I’ll keep on calling upon her everyday for a month to see if i can feel anything eventually. im really grateful that you made Luna available for anyone to use cuz im kinda new to magick and banishing rituals and i think Luna will be be great for alot of people who are new to magick.