Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Okay, meditated on your energy a bit longer. But yes, something you must act upon. I could clearly see the energy spilling out of your sacral and solar plexus chakra, I could also feel it clearly, a strong tingling sensation could be felt in those two chakras. This means it is overactive.

And note: colourful angels in scans doesn’t mean that it’s a good scan, at the end of the day it’s all information about you that you need to act upon. As you can see, from the scan I did, you must sort out your overactive sacral and solar plexus chakras.

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Btw @Xag_darklight Takkalos is amazing.

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indeed i am amazing.


You indeed are :rofl:

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How can I fix my chakras? Any good balancing methods you know of ? Also, when will I know when they are fixed?:heart:
BTW thanks

@Xag_darklight can we trade scans again? I need a more specific scan than in general, it’s of a more sensitive topic. Could I pm you if your up for it? It shouldn’t take more then a minute or two for you. Please and thank you Takkalos

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Hi i would like to trade :rofl:

If you are still up yes

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I messaged you. Thank you!

Would you like to trade @Reptilian ?

I am open to trades with anyone for that matter.

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Hi @Xag_darklight would you like to trade?

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Yes sure

wonderful, i’ll pm you

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Actually I see two, Artemisia, but your darker side is the Morrighan.

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Artemis. Damned spell check

@Starry-nite thank you and its nice to know there are angels around me, it sounds pretty accurate on everything else so thank youn

Wanna trade?


First off when scanning your energy gives off this oily bubble feeling, kind of like dish soap, your energy has a faint smell to it like something charred. Your energy gives off this intense heat, and often times reflect a fire that starts small then spreads. The sound your energy makes is like this popping sound that fluctuates from fast to slow, your energy’s vibration is in my opinion not fast but not slow by what I’m normally use to scanning. Your energy does have some depth to it as well, almost like falling into a pit and the sensation of free falling.
When I look at your energy system your major chakras seems in ‘healthy’ condition and by that I mean I see no stagnation in them, your energy flow is doesn’t look blocked by any stagnation in your system, minor chakras included. Your pathways seem slightly above my personal average, by this I mean your pathways aren’t thin, but theyre not large either but they’re a bit above average to where your energy flow is larger than what I averagely see in people.
Now when I go further into your energy I come to your soul landscape, which presents itself as a valley with a single path, walking the path I look for your inner temple, finding your inner temple it takes the form of a cabin, small but not run down, looks new actually, when I knocked on the door the entity to answer was your subconscious manifestation, a representation of your true self, from what I see is a humanoid man, the form and body of a man with long black hair, really long (down to his legs, but he has fur on parts of his body, around his arms, legs, parts of his shoulders and he has claws. His eyes appear normal but with black irises that seem deep.
He allows me entry and the cabin seems larger than normal inside and I see many doors, he tells me these doors are each of your past lives, this is your personal akashic records, I ask how many past lives are there in this room by doors, and his response was around 22-23 in doors. I ask for his “core” life, the life that imprinted on your soul, your true self, and he leads me further into the cabin. I then see this ornate door that looks like this:

when I go near the door, the energy I felt from you before comes off the door, this intense heat that feels like it’s pulsating like a heart beat. When I open it I see this place that looks like a different plane or realm, the sky is a pale violet and the land is primitive, in a sense there’s no modern buildings and only tribal-esque places, large trees like insanely large, there seems to be homes built into the sides of the trees but also homes on the forest floors, there seems to also be leaves and such of different colors, reds, greens, yellows, browns, and purples. After that I close the door and watch as your subconscious manifestation walks me out of the cabin and the scan ends.


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I’m still down if you are?

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