Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

I literally need a scan, but I’m not in the best moment for giving one! :pleading_face:

@Cajunjay I see Jesus around you, “Have faith and all shall come to pass” is what he says.


That’s a bit strange tbh but thanks for looking, much appreciated.

I have parasite issues, id like a scan, but only if you have defenses up for you please

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@Starry-nite Can I please get a scan too?

@Cajunjay, Jesus is also a healer maybe you may need healing or someone else around you requires to let them know how much you love them which in turn will heal them. :smiley:

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@Ish, I see a sharman or wizard man sitting on a chair at a table, the room is full of books and he’s writing with a feather in what looks like a book of shadows, a message came thru “Do not fear what you seek” . I also am getting the message “Commitment and Patience will bring rewards”. :smiley:

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@MagickVigilante , I see 2 shadows on each side of you, your mind is always chatting. An Angel just showed up and he’s wrapping his Very Large wings around you, Sandalphon is the name i’m receiving, I see the colour Turquoise, another Angel just showed up … Metatron, the message i’m hearing as i’m writing …“Release from Bondage” .
Not sure what that means but i think the Archangels are saying to call on them for assisting you. Maybe meditate for a healing, you can find good guided meditations on YouTube to listen to. hope that helped. :smiley:

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it did! Thank you! I have been working with Lucifer and the Archangels! :smiley:

@Starry-nite Wow thank you so much!! :smile: It’s crazy there’s always some male voice in my head telling me to be patient when I try to figure out what’s going on. I see and feel there are beings around me, not ghosts but the thing is I don’t practice magick and did not summon anyone. In fact I was reading your article on the Hatman and I’ve seen something very similar. I’ve seen a black cloak just floating around the house and a blue glowing light would appear too before disappearing.

would you like me to scan you, im a bit in a chaotic state right now, actually crying due to family drama but i can try in a bit, but im scared to as im not sure due to parasites, do you have defendses up?

@Ignited, Kali, Kalee ? Not sure how it’s spelled, but when i looked into your picture of the eye, i saw the word then heard Goddess. First i saw the name Kali, then a Negro woman, then it changes again to another female, it’s the either the same lady or you have friend/s with the name Kali.
I also see alot of magic around you and i actually see bright yellow mixed with Indigo colors glowing circle around your head, glowing brightest on your third eye. :smiley:


Kali Maa! :smiley:

@MagickVigilante great, keep working with them to clear away further. I reckon 7-8 days on meditatation. Melanie Beckler on YouTube …AsktheAngels has great meditations. Keep up the good work and let us all know how you went with the clearing. Good Luck. :smiley:

??? Maa? is that your Maa?? xplain please :smiley:

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i know her! :smiley:

Does bright yellow and indigo colours signify anything special?

Kali is her name yes, the Goddess, shes also known as Kali Maa (mother Kali) , Mahakali Maa, Dakshina Kali, Smashan Kali, every name except Kali Maa represents a diff aspect of her

@MagickVigilante I’m fine not at moment, Thank you. Although I do not believe in parasites of any kind, and i think you should imagine them all inside a Vault Safe, push them in there and lock it up! See how that goes, after all, it’s all in the mind, everything is expendable, we are all expenable, our minds hold the key to whether you want to hold on or not to hold on.
I’ve had plenty of readings as i have a good friend her and i practise 2x per week.

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@Ish could mean your Chakra colours may need clearing or may be the Angel colours, tune into the colours and see what you receive, your intuition.
Yellow could also mean Learning and Indigo is the colour of the Third eye Chakra.