Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

I was reading all the posts and as i was reading your insight to @SHaDoWSToRM696 i clearly seen your face, you were sitting at a throne of some type and i seen a pair of hands behind you holding an oblong crown, more of an egyptian oblong cap made of Gold and has Red jewels around it, the hands was placing it on your head, you looked ahead then the scenario changed… you were walking along a long corridor and egyptian soldiers with long spears and lion heads following behind.

I see you standing beside a white horse wearing a long Grey hooded cloak, another person wearing a long black hooded cloak gives you a book of Norse spells. You hopped on your horse and wrode off.


That’s awesome, thank you for that. It does make some sense

Scan me please @Voodooking. You need a photo?

That’s great it makes sense for you. xx :smiley:

It sound like Tyr, but continue to sesrch

Hmmm never heard of Tyr??

@Starry-nite I see uneasiness in you, your put in a tight spot, fairness is not on your side,

Anyone want to scan me hehe :smiley:

Thank you, just before you posted my scan, i received a call to work tonight from my 2nd job which was what i waiting on, yesterday i thought wasn’t fair everyone else got a call to work. Thanks again you were correct. :smiley:

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Scan Me I am intregued.

So much for the Goddess in me… :sweat_smile: :laughing: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :laughing:

Two other options came up, one Is Oden and the black cloaked figure is Frayas, the second is Balder, and the other figure in black is Pallas, returning my book

Thank you so much, can’t believe you said a black cloaked figure because i see his shadow every now and then along our wall in the hallway.
" Returning my book" ?? is that a message for me also?

Ohhhh! The figure in black i was thinking about that not about half hour ago wondering who it was, have seen him a few times, a black figure shaped as a man standing there, he’s been around for a few weeks, first time i seen it was when we had a electricity shutdown and he was standing outside by the window, i was wondering what he was here for and asked if there’s a message but i’m not sure if i received the answer, unless it is Pallas? Hmm very interesting, if the he’s returning a book i wouldn’t know which book as i haven’t done much reading in the past few months. Thank you very much.

@Moonlight154 I see Quan Yin beside you, he’s meditating, it feels to me that he’s telling you to meditate more frequently and further your skills, he’s also surrounding you with Incense for healing or cleansing your surroundings.
Even though it’s more like a reading, I do also see the Moon behind your head like a Halo, it’s trying to shine through your third eye from the back of your head.

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I love this thank you. :heart:

You’re welcome. xx

Hi! If anyone willing to scan me, I would be incredibly grateful! Thanks.

That’s interesting Freya is the mother of Thor! xx