Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Was this a scan for me by chance?
Or was is for Conner?

Actually, it was for Pastry. However, I can go ahead and do you, as well. c:

I didn’t notice that no one has done you yet. Gimme a moment.


Oh thank you.



Since you posted your picture, it gave me a better visual of you.

The first thing that I’ve seen was a vase, a gray clay vase. It had a what looked to be a red flower in it, but I couldn’t tell what kind of flower. It looked almost like a daisy. It was the only one in the vase. It was sitting on a brown wooden table.

Then I seen two, slender hands lifting the flower halfway out of the vase ever so gently. From what I could see, it was a woman. She had long brown hair that went down past her breasts, but her face was unclear as it was cut off. All I could see was the flower, and her torso. She wore what looked to be a dark green, long sleeve dress. It fit tightly.

The background, had an open, clay-like window. It was also gray. No glass or anything, just an opening. I could see past that point.

It was a reoccurring motif, with everything looking like it was made of clay besides the woman and the table.

Those are the images that I received, from my scattered brain. Lol


Thank you very much.

there we go, hope my scan was ok :+1:

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It was great! I’ll scan you when I get home tonight. :slight_smile:

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Someone do me please

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I’d love mine done, I will return the favour.
Thanks and stay safe

Oh wow, you do excellent scans! Could you do me perhaps?


Can I get a scan please I dnt knw how to scan

Looking to trade scans. I’m at work currently so I wont be able to scan until later this afternoon. Just reply back to let me know if you want to trade and we can swap pics and scan when I get back online.

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How exactly do i scan someone? I would really like to learn this technique and even though i still view myselve kinda godlike i am also interested in my god shape :slight_smile:

@Mr_Outsider it is mentioned under popular links in the first post,u could also search how to scan

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You can read this it may help…

Steps to perform scan

@longlostredemption do you want to trade?

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Wanna still trade?

Thanks to both of your answers :slight_smile:

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I can’t scan, but would like to know who I am though.
Thank you, be blessed.

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I would enjoy a scan. I’ll scan back to those that mention me. Thank you