Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

You learn what your true self is, then realize there is no merge as you are your true self reincarnated into a human body. Manipulating your own energy is using your true self energy. The merging thing is semi-nonsense because you’re not separate to begin with. However, going in blind is better than assuming you have a Godform and more you could be anything from a human soul, demon, angel, a form of yokai, a form of Fae, etc.

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I’m interested in having a scan done. I’m new to this but I will try to give a return scan. Tnx

I don’t mind trading as long as you don’t mind waiting an hour? :blush:

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Not a problem. I cant open a pm chat for sending pictures, new member.

I can do it from your profile…

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A blue energy fills a room…a door way old oak I can feel the engraving on the door, as I open the door I feel incredible sadness a loss of a loved one to spirit and a lost love…a reminder is given it’s meant to hurt so you can heal.

I open the door and it leads to a field a red building in the distance and a tree in the centre, the blue energy leads me to a man standing bare foot…contacted to the element of earth, your roots are strong it’s time to stand tall.

I smell burning wood and frankincense I feel the breeze wrap around me, the male gazes at me as the blue energy starts to wrap around his body.
A welcoming and gentle soul…growing and seeking knowledge, you hold a single purple flower.

I look down and you stand in a newly cast circle a new journey you’ve started not just with your practices but in life.

Your skin resembles dragon skin and markings/tattoos upon your arms Along with leather straps, you wear clothes that resemble a knights under garments as if you’ve not put on your armour yet.
as i move my gaze towards your face I see a scar upon your neck I’m sure this represents current wounds, Your eyes red, but the skin upon your face is normal…you have your hood up.

Your soul a little shy, no need to pretend just be you.

I sense dark energy growing Within you but still see the blue energy surrounding you, remember knowledge will guide you, you are currently seeking one specific request…be open to were this request leads you.

A random smell of coffee…I shall not complain I like coffee.

A being approaches you Links to your darker energy and reminds me its time to leave he starts to place armour upon you…have you asked for protection?


If anyone can scan me with no pictures I’d be glad! Unfortunately dont know how to scan back

It’s true im still hurting from long term relationship that ended in 2016…
I love being outdords, walking bare foot on the grass, doing land working etc.
Started doing tattos on my right side chest, arms…
I have asked for protection and guidence from Azazel. I’m strongly atracted to him as a capricorn. Also i have asked for things to change back to normal in my life. Its like my luck have gone away from me. After 2016 it all started.
Thank You for this, you got my eyes wet :heart:


Your welcome :blush:

Hello all, I would like to graciously ask or a scan and I will try to do the same?

Hey guys anyone up for a scan trade? Whoever wants to scan me feel free, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can cause I’m a little busy right now. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll take one for a trade!

Ok :slightly_smiling_face: @RyuDarkness

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Please post an introduction first it is a rule of this forum :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll scan you in a little bit. Bout to go and work out.

Hey @RyuDarkness I’m back , finished my job. So… Scanning time!
Lets see.
I sense a female presence with long black hair and a long black ritual robe. Her face can’t be seen but her lips are crimson. She is also wearing a necklace with a pink crystal in it. She is sitting under a withered tree, holding its long roots.
Hmmm that’s about it I think.

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Hey void, very interesting!

I see a robed man sitting in a half lotus position. Meditating on an isolated hill with a full moon above him. The energy is dark and the color of the moon is unknown as is the man’s face. His energy skyrockets and he transforms. That is it!

Sounds like to me of the transformation I’m going through and the sacrifices I’m making. Perhaps the syembolism of her holding the withered roots of the tree is a sign of rebirth.

Anyone wanna scan me?i cant do it yet but I would be very grateful