Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Oh, okay cool! Honestly I have no idea how to do that stuff.

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Oh wait a minute now I remember Yeah I remember someone sending me this. I just forgot about it.

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Would anyone like to trade?


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I will go first if that is ok?

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That’s fine @anon35721968

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Guided you are…many spirits surround you but their forms are of animals but as I gaze closer there human form I see, there’s one that stands by your side although I cannot see their face as the are in darkness it’s clear of the importance they hold to you.

They bring a calming sensation to What I can only describe as chaos, they show me gold and white energy coming from the ground swirling around you fading as it reaches to the sky’s and I say sky’s as your surrounded by multiple plains, multiple links to different entities.

Your embarking on a new journey or path, you feel a strong pull to knowledge and learn all you can but hold back on putting it in to practice.

I come closer to you welcomed by those around you and you stand to face me and hold your right hand out to me, I see a thorn piercing the skin enough for a few drops of blood to drip from you hand, I feel recent hurt from you, you then show me your left hand this time it’s guided by the figure by your side,

As I gaze I see so much, it’s as if your showing all you’ve done and all the places you’ve been and yern to go to, chaos yet organised.

The wind picks up as does your energy the trees that surround you whisper words of the ancestors, you show me a door way…you travel freely,

You show me an image consisting of horizontal lines, every time I try To focus on them the number blocks change but always odd and no less the 3.

There’s someone new in your life or will be, there being brought to you guided you could say, they laugh as your personality is quite unique they say,

You then open the door, a place I’ve seen before
Vanaheimr, your energy starts to change to blue as it’s absorbed through the door way…the entities move in closer as the leave with you.


When scanning you I see this very large crescent moon, the moon looks as though it’s touching the ground yet it’s not, it looks close yet it’s not, within the dark aspect of it this short haired woman walks out of the darkness, her eyes glowing with this light/white energy that feels airy in nature, seems like it consists of the elemental energies of air/water and lunar energies. Her form is adorned in what looks like a white gown with gold braces on her forearms and wrists, and on her legs is other gold braces, her energy smells like lavender to me and feels like a cold breeze, when I listen to the sound her energy makes it’s like these soft chiming sounds that reminds me of the meditation bowls.

When I approach her she seems as though she doesnt see me or she’s showing me things, she raises her hand and the crescent moon starts to go through different phases and her form starts to take on this light blue hue around her as the moon seems to absorb into her. The area looks almost like being in space but there’s no other planets, stars or anything but the moon that was there. She gave me this soft smile before moving her hand forward causing the landscape to change and it’s like being in a large valley with a lot of these:

After that she seems to finish off by causing the sky to emit the same crescent moon as before as if she’s in a state of peace or that she’s waiting for something.


So could someone scan my godform? I will scan u back

Will do

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Thank you @anon48079295 the moon resonate with me at present…as do the purple flowers.


Okay, when scanning your energy seems to give off this dark grey look, I sense the 4 basic elements mixed into it and when I listen to your energy it sounds almost like when water drops in a hollow space and the drip echos, your energy isn’t too dense but it’s density is also not too “loose” so to speak, it seems like it teeters within a small spectrum of itself. The smell of your energy smells like the moment before it’s about to rain, as I dived into your energy I am seeing this armored woman, her breast plate looks worn down and with reds, browns, and greys on it, almost like dried blood and mud, she seems like she is a very serious being, her hair is this dark brown strands that seem to be mixed with energy. She has external energy attached to her, external being from other entities being around her for some time. She has a large diamond like shield to her back and holding a large sword, it seems your true self is something of a warrior and a capable one at that, one that has seen many wars. However, she looks as though she needs rest but possibly doesn’t trust enough to do so. Around her is a war torn land old armor pieces and weapons scattered. Her eyes are this dark red looking color with a slight lighter glint in the towards the outer ring of the pupils. She holds up her sword which seems to ignite with her energy giving it another layer to it as her energy radiates around her and through her weapon and armor.


@RosieSweets Thoughts?

Dark grey is accurate. I deal in grey arts, striving to find the balance between the light and the dark. I often deal with Water, Air, Fire, Earth but I deal with Water and Earth most. I am unsure of the warrior thing but it’s been brought up before. People seem to pick up on that, even though I don’t see myself as anything but a cheerful worn down soul. As for the external energy, u are either picking up on my son or his father. They are both tethered to me. I have a family of spirits that u also seem to sense. Sheild at my back to protect me from the pain of the past, a sword to carve out a better Future. Despite my cheerful and kind nature, I do not truly trust people. The landscape, sounds like a deserted battlefield, a place to hope for survivors. Dark red happens to be my favorite color. The holding of the sword and ignitement of energy may symbolize my drive to never give up no matter what.


Sounds good to me

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Always curious.
I’ll give one of my patented weirdo scans in return.

can i get a scan

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Anyone want to scan?