Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Could someone scan me? I could try to scan too however I’m not good at these scans

I see a dark figure wearing a gray robe. You are surrounded by wolves…your there leader and you order them to attack a figure surronded in light.

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:thinking: :thought_balloon:

I’m down for a scan. I don’t know how to scan other people though :frowning:

There’s a link to a post on how to learn.

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Thank you

Scans, Scans and more scans can someone scan my barcode I think I’ve been discounted. Although I’ve always been a cheap whore.


Is it possible what someone could scan me?

@Xag_darklight I see a powerful, reaper-like figure, between two trees, the face is not visible beneath the hood, but an ancient force resides behind it. Skeletal hands. In the right hand there is blue fire, and in the right there is red fire. I see no legs, your Godform levitating effortlessly, the darkness is your eternal support.


Is it possible I get a scan? I’m not too experienced in scanning but I will do my best to return the favor

Thanks if it was to me

@Xag_darklight could you give me a scan, friend?

It wasn’t; but for you I see glowing red eyes and pitch black skin, a line of Arabic writing (or something resembling it), and green leaves.

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Radiant gold, with the tips of the rays being a blueish hue, a golden halo with a whitish gold orb in the center

Can I get a scan


Could we trade? I want to see what message anything from beyond this omniverse has.

Just try looking beyond the void, and see if anything is interested in me that wants to give me a message.

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Hey can I DM you for a scan trade?

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@Epsilon_The_Imperial Abraxas wants to work with you; The angel is real; and the advice is very strange, but you’ll probably know what I’m talking about: “Don’t go by the river, many are dead”.

As for your Godform: like an animated shadow, in the shape of a tornado-like being; black rocks float beside you; four arms that spin, and two black orbs above your head, and two black orbs below your feet.

What do you see for me?

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Thank you. Just to be clear, if you scan again, what river is he talking about?

“The current of trade and merrymaking, where black water is forbidden” and something urges me to say “you know what it means”