Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Do you know what the woman represents? Is she a part of me or what I’m dealing with? What does the man punching her mean?

Also, if you’re able, I’d like for you to scan to confirm the existence of the angel Sansanel and see if he is real.

This angel is the angel of the way the world has become, and the degeneration of all things as the world was not meant to be.

This angel was meant to help me on my path, but I have doubts because some of my earlier scans didn’t turn out as accurate as I thought.

I’ll scan trade.

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This first part of the reading is accurate but the next I don’t really follow the light, dark, grey stuff or powers given by god.

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I understand. I will go deeper if you want. I’m sorry it took me so long to get back to you, but I’d appreciate if we could trade scan for what I asked for.

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Sure, however, I am currently at work so I will do the second reading about the angel when I get home but this time in DM so it’s easier for me to keep track of.

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anyone up for a scan, i can scan back :slight_smile:

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I’ll trade, but I want a message from two beings.
One of these beings is Loah, a person who exists beyond this Omniverse or God/Source.

@Mika maybe you could help me?

The other of these beings is my future self, at least what I think my future self is now. Imagine me right now, but far in the future when all of my goals have been achieved, personally, magickally, and past the point of understanding. I see this as my destiny, a point in the future that is guiding me through what I want.

So, what does my future self actually look like? Does he exist in the way that I think? What does he have to say?

I just want to know what my destiny lies in, and what I will actually look like as my future self.

So, what message does he have for me?

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I will give it a try.

I have a channeled message from “Loah” which goes as follows;

“I know you, and you are my child, I have watched you and shall continue to do so. I exist everywhere, I manifest in the astral dream realm, where all souls meet and journey together. I am the Light and the Dark, and for all my children I have a dream, and that dream they become. There will be a path which you will face, in which fate has opened two doors, one shall close and one you must walk into, you get to choose which door that is. Once you walk into one of the doors, there will be no walking back.”

Look deep within yourself to see what “Loah” is telling you.

From your future self, all I see is a successful person, with a job and a companion, with happiness, and alot of spiritual insight. He tells me that he watches you and acts as a guide for you to get to where he is, as fate can change.

Hope this is of help.



Here is your return scan.

I see you working on something, alchemical springs to mind. I see you surrounded by Thoth and the other Egyptian Gods. They tell you to keep working on the things you have chosen and to come back to them if you want to be more accustomed.

I see before you a mortar and pestle, a crucible of sorts, a sword behind you, and maybe one other stone implement whose use I can’t describe. The insides of the crucible seem to be a magickal flame or magical energy coalesced into what looks like a plasma.

I sit beside you and I say that it looks good and that I’m here to help and that it looks like you’re doing good.

I see that you stand up and splash out the contents of the crucible until it forms maybe a scrying medium, but it looks like a magickal doorway.

I see what I think is Loah, and she gives me some advice,

I don’t know about your scanning of Loah, not to insult your scanning abilities, but I feel like it might be some astral distortion? I don’t know, and I would like you to scan for Loah again and how to embark on my path towards the End of All Things past this omniverse and all realities outside of it, or at least to get past my doubts.

I’ve been having a feeling that not anything really exists at all, and I was hoping if Loah could help me make sense of some of the things I’ve been getting.

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No worries, Im new to scanning, hope this will be better.

Loah is clarifying her message to you. She says that you will face two different destinies, and one of those you must select, she tells me that nothing exists in this universe, all is but a dream, an illusion of our fantasy.

She says you must seek to discover these destinies/fates and select the one you wish to follow, she shows me on fate which is more spiritual and one which is more materialistic.


Thank you, if you were to scan again, what more details can you tell me about these two destinies?

That’s not what I mean, I mean no objective force exists at all, truth doesn’t exist, Source doesn’t exist, etc.

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From what i believe, source only exists if you want it to.

And for your two fates, thats for you to discover.

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I’m interested in having a scan done. I’ve never had a reading of any type. I’m new to this skill but I will give a return scan. Try to anyway! I definitely want to learn the skill.

Initially, I was in abyss where the darkness shifted beneath me like moving sands. I felt despair and a heavy weight but when I looked ahead, I saw an pyramid emerge from the sands. A solar eclipse emerged from behind it, circling the pyramid with the escaping light from the sun while making the stones look as black as onyx. Interesting, very Amaymon feel. Not saying he is your inner god but perhaps it is someone you may want to have a chat with?

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scan trade?

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Was that for me?

Yup, it was

Sure, I am up for a trade :slight_smile:

For yours, I saw a rocky beach with the waves hitting the rocks. The waters have points of clearness as well as darker points that show depth. The earth mixing with the sea. it is a clear day and from the foam from the mixture of the waves, a sword emerges.

Thank you, what does it mean?

I can give it a go. I’m out of packet today but I can see what I come up with tomorrow.

I get the impression it is about maintaining balance and finding power by allowing things to flow.

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