Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

It doesn’t hurt to try tbh that’s the point of this thread to trade and practice.

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@anon482649 thank you

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Im not in the right mindset to do so but im trying

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Anyone interested in a trade? I can do a few scans tomorrow.

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Wait can someone scan me

I’m willing to trade scans as I wanna see how others see me besides out wonderful Lucy.

I understand that, no worries at all. I can look at you today hopefully.

Could you trade scan me for what I asked about earlier?

Look how big this topic is. I don’t know what you asked about earlier.

Okay. Just scan me, and tell me in detail what you find. I need help getting out of my existential doubt over my beliefs and intuition. I don’t really need your opinion, but your scan.

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YOu’re a great, proud, strong warrior. Something that looks like Uboa (representing untouchable uncertainty and mystery looms over you in an intangible form. You try to strike it with your sword repeatedly, gradually becoming more and more frantic as the figure grows larger and your sword phases through them. Finally, they’re so real you can touch them. You stab your swords into Uboa’s face, screaming in fear and agony, and it doesn’t flinch. It’s face twists, bringing you into it as if it were another world, screaming heard from within the monster, the only trace left of you being your sword.

Now you do me.


2 days passed and I’m still looking for a scan

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It’s called SCAN SWAP. Not “offering free scans.” You’re not entitled to a scan if people don’t want to give one.

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yeah, man, trade scan. I specified that earlier in the thread (look up). I thought that it can be understood, but apparently not

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Okay, thank you.

I get that Uboa is untouchable uncertainty and mystery, but getting consumed by it and being brought into its world. What does it mean for me? How will it help me?

Here is your return scan.

I see you working the Qabbalah, talking to Michael. You follow your path with questions as to whether or not you are doing it right, and there are other questions you have about things in general there. I also see you looking up at a star, or a ball of light, and you’re standing on a platform. You look down, almost as if you’re unsure where you came from.

It is like you are full of wonder for these miraculous and amazing things, but you at the same time wonder if your path is being done correctly.

Target with certainty, a crosshairs. I imagine you are to target your destination with more surety and certainty.

I see you as a clown, riding a tricycle ball, and you’re juggling things. It seems as though you are trying to maintain balance while you are working on your path, and I think you’re trying to work through something. You are balancing on two feet.

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I’ll scan trade you. Read the scan Maxwell just gave me about Uboa and try to answer this question about it.

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Ok, I’ll see what I can do.

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Hmmm, saw which frightening look dragon who “greeted me”.

It seems like it’s about a death which is followed by a clinking rebirth which got represented by a beautiful flower which grows fast.

That’s what it seems to me, I don’t know how accurate is.

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I believe it is an uncertainty that you are only feeding that will consume you. @Epsilon_The_Imperial
You view it as an enemy, when it just is. You’re feeding your own issue. If you never provoke it, like Uboa in Yume Nikki, it won’t touch you. You gotta go looking for it. Uboa is a fictional character, but in this sense, symbolic.

Wanna trade scans? I’m new to this though, so let me go first in case nothing comes up.