Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

“Why has the thunder chosen me?” “What does it mean?” “What do you have to say about the issues plaguing me and my uncertainty over my own intuition and the occult as a path?”

Ask him this, and please scan again if you are willing. Provide interpretation and details if you can.

I see a sword, and it appears as though Thoth is holding the sword.

" The sword of the magician is a sacred artifact froms times past when men used to be able to rend the fabric of reality and reconstitute it with your mind. Use it, and understand its meaning."

I see a dark whirlpool.

" If you are willing to go deeper with your knowing, then you will see that it will become more than you could imagine."
I get a feeling that it may be Tiamat.


He replied “it is meant to be, and it is what i want” to your question why has the thunder chosen me. Thunder represents a very high position in the hierarchy of Gods, perhaps you have a higher calling, Thunder also represents wrathful deities, and it is their way of punishing people. Thunder also represents the highest level of intuition and prophecy, so i guess you have more gifts than you can see. I would believe that you have alot of gifts that you are either unaware of or that you cannot see.

This message is to reassure you that you are on the right path in the occult and that you have a good psychic brain.

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Thank you. Is this part of the scan or is this just what you know? I just want to be more sure.

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Its both based on another scan and some knowledge i used to interpret, as when I see things its left to me to decipher a meaning. But we are all unique when it comes to scanning and seeing.

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Thank you. Could you do another scan to look into this and reconfirm this or maybe reveal something else?

I can see Freya hugging you and telling you, “its going to be alright”. I see her holding a sword ready to fight away your fears and your hurt. she is with a few demons who tell me you have some problems, but im not sure what problems you have, im sure you already know. Just know there is alot happening in the spirit world for you and it will have a positive outcome.


Thank you.

Here is your return scan.

I see Thoth, I see him hold forth a crucible. At first I thought it was light, but it turned out to be a crucible of flame and forge. It feels like it is related to transmutation of some sort, perhaps to the self.

I think he is gesturing to you to look into it or to understand and use it.

I ask for one more scan. I got banned from a forum because I posted something that I shouldn’t have. It was basically a post calling out something I thought at the time, but I wish I hadn’t done it because I want to go back onto the forum for some sense of asking for help.

The forum is called Actualized.org. I don’t agree with the ideas, but I feel like I should still vent my concerns.

Could you scan to see how I could convince the administrator to let me back in?

Looking for a trade scan

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I will take your advice to heart @Hysteria. You too are very perceptive. And I am glad you saw what you saw. Also when I saw the elephant the first name that stood out was Ganesh. The snake makes me think of lilith. Not sure if you have any affiliations with her or not. And thank you again I really appreciate your reading :hugs:




@Painon i see an angelic human form with four wings. You have brownish hair, cut short. Brown eyes. A more stern appearnce. But you also come accross as sarcastic and playful. I see someone who is not impressed easily and is more cynical and skeptical in nature. You like your books. You like your quite. You also can be a partier if you feel like it. But it’s not your main focus. You have a lot of strength, and some really decent defenses and you are puzzled by my impromptu intrusion. You also seem to be able to materialize and delmaterialize at will. Kind of like mist.

After you to materialize you begin showing me a greenish colored orb that you’re holding in your hands. You play with the orb tossing it back and forth like a ball, and then you catch it and shake it to show me that it’s like mercury. It begins dispersing in your hands like a liquid, you form it back to an orb toss it up and catch it in your left hand then let it disperse again and then absorb it back into your hand. And then you shoo me away as you pick up a book and begin reading again.


I only managed to do this in a calm collective surroundings tonight… (African time)

What I got was only this…

“You need not question your path, you need only to follow it, questionability leads to doubt, doubt leads to disappointment, both of which you don’t need”

“Trials an d tribulations unfold, it is but a test, a worthy test”

Finally as I was pushing I got the last"Dont ask, don’t worry, those you deem you to be nothing are nothing!!! "

Rise above and fulfill your potential.

That’s all I got… And really tried to probe into it…


Would love a trade @anon482649

I feel you might be able to edge a bit deeper and clear up a thing or two…

Will trade…


I get a boiling pot… Brewing with some sort of substance… Not known…

Above the pot are tentacles, octopuss like reaching down…

To the left of the pot I have a dark cloaked figure preparing some sort of a substance, herbs etc.

Seems like the classical witching pot scenario…

However, I do get an in tune to nature and all beings earthly elemental and their subordination to your will/Magick…

Also the color green is very active…


Thank you for the read! Seems pretty spot on. Also reminds me of the little mermaid with the octopus lol. :blush:

Ok with you
I get a lot of tribal daemons feel from you. Reminiscent to some of the die antwood vibes. (Hope that refernece makes sense) i see you in the shaman or witch dr garb preforming a ritual around a large fire at night, with onlookers that are daemonic in nature although nature spirits and angelic are also observing you. You are on your knees in front of the flames , a dagger in one hand and a beating heart in the other. Looks like the heart of a larger mammal perhaps a bovine heart. You are taken over by your higherself as you dive the dagger deep into the heart, you slit it open and blood gushes forth. You raose it to your mouthand drink the blood. then you stand and let the blood drip into the fire and throw the heart in as a Thanksgiving to your patron guides. It sends large pillars of flame into the sky in a swirlling pattern. Your eyes behind your mask turn to pure white and your arms begin to have red orange glowing marks, some kind of written language, form up them where the blood dripped up your arms. You stand against the fire with both arms at your side. You cock your head to the side and you raise your right hand and point to me. As I am just a passive observer. And you grin while speaking in a foreign tongue, i get the feeling that this is a test to me to see if id be frightened of the tribal magick. I stand and nod my head hands pressed together in the gesture of thanks For allowing me to witness an ancient rite. The ritual seemed like one to bring the full godhood down and to truly imbibe your self in it. Then everything goes black.


Holy shit…
Die antwoord…


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Like this video.


Also hope the read was accurate. If it wasn’t dont be afraid to tell me. I cant grow if I dont know where I need to work more.


Nah that was so spot on in more than one sense…

To some point actually scarily accurate…


Oof. That’s pretty good. You’re also the 4th person in the last week to mention me having any sort of angelic qualities. Which is strange.
I am 'bout them books,and all I ever want is five minutes of quiet. The orb may be a reference to my eyes, because they’ve been changing color to green over the past few months. The malleability is weird and interesting.
Good read.
It may take me a little while to get yours back, I’m running errands most of the day, but I promise I’ll get yours done by tonight. :black_heart: