Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Do you want me to scan you? I’m sure I can give you at least a decently accurate reading.

Sure, why not

Something with dark brown skin and thick black horns that curve at the tips with spirals running through them to the base of your head. Black hair, thick and long to your shoulders and rough at the tips. Smooth fingertips with retractable black claws and the same on the toes. Eyes are red and blue too. I think you have black wings that look rather like a dragon’s. Large frontal canines and a deep voice that echoes in my head. Borders on bass on the lowest notes and resonates like the low hum of a cello. If that isn’t how you see yourself, then please tell me. It is what I feel.

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Interesting to say the least, I have no relation to dragons, yes to the skin yes to the horns.

I’ll return your scan as well, you would have to give me a moment however.

Okay! I’m glad I was right on some points. :grinning:

I would like a scan from you Silverlady. :slight_smile:
Nothing specifik but overall scan.

I will do my best to scan back if you like.

Anyone want to trade?

I’m interested for the hell of it. I’ve never scanned anyone’s soul, gods, etc before and I don’t claim to be good at it but I can certainly make the attempt and see what energies, names, and phrases can be picked up on.

scan me

I would like to, if you’re interested and if we haven’t had a one before. I don’t remember tho.

@Sha Yeah I dont remember doing one before with you. Anyways here it goes:
I saw a woman in the dark. She had many many hands like Godess Kali. For some reason she was trying to hide her face. Some hands were protecting her face, some just stood still in defence. She was very pale and she was almost shining in the dark. That’s what I got.

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@Hysteria The name of Azazel came to my mind. Then i saw a man walking down a lonely long path in the dark. I didnt see much but that’s what I got.

@MagickVigilante You could at least say please :roll_eyes:. Just kidding. I may have gotten a little affected by your name and profile pic so take this with a grain of salt. I saw a white man. I mean a totally white bleach type of white. Even his hair were white. Everything was white except for his eyes which were red. He looked very fierce. I think he wore armor but I am not sure. He looked like he was lookimg for something. Thats all I got

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Thank you bro, lmao, i meant no disrespect

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It’s all good :grin:

want me to do you

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If you want to, sure, why not

I immideatily got a pic of a lot of snakes on my right and left, and then saw a big fiery phoenix

the snakes were like this _______ ME ________ it was like the entrance

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I didnt get the second part about how the snakes looked like but many people have seen snakes in other scans of mine so it makes sense you do as well. Also I am through a phase of rebirth in my life so the phoenix resonates well.

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they were on my right and my left, hissing horizzontally in the hundreds, like a wall of snakes, there was a pathway in front which led me to the phoenix

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